Bruce Willis Breaks Silence After Kicked Out of L.A. Store for Not Wearing Mask

After a photo of him visiting a Rite Aid in Los Angeles without wearing a face mask went viral, the John McClane of the ‘Die Hard’ films says it was ‘an error in judgment.’

AceShowbizBruce Willis has broken his silence after he was reportedly kicked out of an L.A. store for refusing to wear a mask. After the incident made headlines, the actor released a statement to seemingly express his remorse.

“It was an error in judgment,” Willis told PEOPLE on late Tuesday, January 12. “The Sixth Sense” star didn’t offer much else of an explanation regarding the incident, but implored fans to “be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

Bruce was photographed not wearing a mask while visiting a Rite Aid in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 10. He was photographed wearing a black jacket, a striped T-shirt, jeans and a bandana around his neck.

According to Page Six which first reported the news, people at the store were upset that the 65-year-old didn’t lift the bandana and put it over his mouth when he was asked to. After he refused to cover his face, he was asked to leave the store by an employee. He was said subsequently departing without making a purchase.

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After the news and his maskless photo went viral, the John McClane of the “Die Hard” film franchise became trending on Twitter and was heavily criticized. “Turns out Alan Rickman was the hero and Bruce Willis was the villain. Miss you, Alan. You’re a d**k, Bruce,” one person blasted the ex-husband of Demi Moore.

Another user trolled Bruce, “Bruce Willis’s next movie: ‘Die Hard With a Ventilator’.” A third one praised the Rite Aid employee who was brave enough to ask the actor to leave, “The biggest bada** in this story is whichever Rite-Aid employee told Bruce Willis to f**k off.”

Ironically, just a month ago Bruce’s daughter Rumer Willis urged her Instagram followers to “wear a d**n mask” after learning she had been exposed to someone with the coronavirus, who did not wear a face covering during their encounter.

“It’s not up for discussion anymore!” she posted on her Instagram Stories. “I don’t really care what you want to do for yourself but for others WEAR A D**N MASK!” She added, “I was exposed to covid today because someone didn’t feel the need to speak up about symptoms or wear a mask and I’m gonna be honest I’m pretty freaked out and angry. It’s not that difficult to be a decent human being and protect yourself and others (sic).”

Thankfully, Rumer tested negative for COVID-19 several days later.

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