Carol Vorderman: Countdown star hits back at ‘nonsense’ after she’s branded a hypocrite

Carol Vorderman, 58, opened up about her experience with ageism this week, as she promoted a SunLife campaign shining a spotlight on the prejudice older people face. The former Countdown host wrote in a column for the Daily Mail: “And here’s the thing about getting older — it happens to us all. “At least, deep down, we hope it does. Because let’s be clear, the alternative is an early death. “So let’s laugh at the idiots who use ageist remarks as some form of bullying. They are simply stupid.”

That would be nonsense.

Carol Vorderman

Carol shared her piece on Twitter with her 411,000 followers alongside the caption: “Morning gang… have a read of this… by hell but life and laughing is good x.”

However, one Twitter user seemed to take issue with the presenter’s comments on the subject as they wrote back: “Agree with this but can’t help feel you’re a hypocrite. 

“This affects you and you’re making a deal out of it, yet I saw articles earlier this with you saying the younger generation aren’t proper men. 

“Prepared to throw the insults but not take them.”

Fortunately, Carol was quick to clarify her words as she claimed she had been “misquoted”.

The mathematician responded: “I’ve never said that, cos that would be nonsense… but often been misquoted.”(sic)

The fan seemed satisfied by the TV personality’s explanation as they replied: “OK glad to hear it. My fault for believing what I’ve read.”

Other fans also took to the comments section of Carol’s tweet to share their thoughts on her remarks.

One person wrote: “Keep your head up and your heart strong, Carol! Have yourself a great day.”

Another added: “Love the line, ‘The only hill I’m over is the one I hiked last weekend. Past it? Past what?’ Exactly, past what?!”

“‘Time is the only currency we share’. Wow Carol that’s so true. You my lovely lady are an inspiration, incredibly smart, obviously very beautiful and as I am a 55 yr old woman, I adore your observations and thoughts on this subject,”(sic) a third person responded.

Carol also got candid about dating younger men in her column for the publication.

She wrote: “I make no secret of the fact that I date men who are younger than me. Big deal.”

Insisting age is unimportant to her when choosing romantic partners, the star added: “But I also have ‘special friends’ who are around my age, too.

“The one thing all my friends have in common, ‘special’ or otherwise, is that we like people for their spirit and attitudes and laughter, not what it says on their birth certificates.”

Carol went on to say her 50s have been the “best decade” of her life so far.

The presenter added: “I belly laugh, love hiking in the mountains or on the coastal paths of Wales, party hard, work less hard, see only people I want to see, don’t worry about competition or what everyone else is thinking.”

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