Chance The Rapper Opens Up About Raising Children In Current Racial Climate

In a new interview, Chance The Rapper opened up about raising black children in the current racial climate in the United States.

“My kids are young. Mainly, we’ve been teaching Kensli to love herself, to understand that her opinion is important, to understand that Black is beautiful and that Black power is her superpower,” the 27-year-old father of two told Parents magazine, referring to his 5 year old elder daughter.

The September issue cover of the magazine features Chance, his wife Kirsten and their daughters Marli and Kensli.

“When there are protests, they’re mostly for Black men. Statistics show that Black women are also brutalized at an extremely high rate or, in some cases, killed by racist police officers,” said Chance, whose real name is Chancelor Bennett.

“So I think we’re starting to address many issues: racism, patriarchy, capitalism, colorism,” he added. “Until we can recognize the stem of each problem and how we all work within the system, we can’t actually make it better.”

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