‘The Chew’ hosts each gained 20 pounds during show’s run

In their farewell episode on Friday, “The Chew” co-hosts admitted that some of the show’s recipes haven’t left them — and the scale can prove it.

“When we started the show I weighed 183, and I’m currently 208,” co-host Michael Symon revealed, adding that he’s doubled his weight since his high school wrestling days.

Carla Hall, who has made 437 desserts on the daytime cooking talk show, said, “Women don’t usually talk about their weight, but I came in at a lean 140, which is too little because I was just coming off of ‘Top Chef,’ because you know, stress, and then 145 was my regular weight. I’m [now] 162, which is the heaviest I’ve ever weighed in my life!”

Of hundreds of sweets made on camera since the show’s 2011 start, she said, “I can feel it!”

As for co-host and resident fashion guru Clinton Kelly, he told the audience that he started the show at 200 pounds and now weighs in at 220.

“Two hundred and twenty pounds of masculinity,” he added.

Looks like none of them took a page out of fellow TV chef Giada de Laurentiis’ playbook.

Page Six exclusively revealed last month that “The Chew” was coming to an end after seven seasons — going out just months after former co-host Mario Batali was axed from the show after multiple accusations of sexual misconduct were leveled against him.

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