Chrissy Teigen still hasn’t apologized personally to Courtney Stodden, btw

This Chrissy Teigen stuff is such a mess. I can’t believe there are still people taking her side about anything, and it’s crazy to see how many celebrities are still in her comments supporting her. Even if you put the Courtney Stodden situation to the side, Teigen is still a narcissist feeding on being extremely online, and not only that, she’s addicted to the melodrama cycles of “being controversial” and getting attention and then playing the victim. She’s still demanding to be in that weird cycle and instead of, you know, apologizing to Courtney Stodden for telling Stodden to “kill yourself,” Chrissy is writing Medium essays and Instagrams and Notes fauxpologies, all to get more attention. Stodden went to TMZ to talk about Teigen’s latest Instagram:

Courtney Stodden is tired of Chrissy Teigen talking like she’s a victim of cancel culture — they say she’s really just a bully trying to score sympathy points. Here’s the deal … Chrissy recently vented on social media, saying she’s the newest member of the “cancel club” in the wake of her cyberbullying scandal, but Courtney sees that as BS … because, as they tell us, “cancel club” isn’t even a real thing.

On the other hand, Courtney says normalizing bullying definitely is real, and that’s their concern — despite Chrissy’s online griping, if bullies don’t suffer consequences they’ll never change.

As you know, there’s a long history between Courtney and Chrissy … with Courtney claiming Chrissy bullied the hell out of them back in the day and even allegedly told Stodden to kill themselves. You’ll remember, back in June, Chrissy said she’d be privately reaching out to “people I insulted” to apologize for past conduct — but we’re told she still has not contacted Courtney or their team. She’s also still blocking Courtney on Twitter.

One celeb who has apologized to Courtney for previously making fun of her is Jason Biggs … who recently sent them a DM as an olive branch.

CS tells us they’re “done with the games” and they just want to focus on bigger issues, not on Chrissy feeling like she’s unfairly being canceled or victimized.

[From TMZ]

Yeah. Stodden has the moral high ground here, and it’s bonkers that Teigen still has not reached out to Stodden in any way. No DM, no email, no phone call, no card or note or flowers. That speaks volumes about Chrissy Teigen and how she actually feels about this situation. She would rather throw a self-involved pity party on Instagram, complaining about being “cancelled” than do anything substantive to change and become a better person.

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