D.C. Buildings, Shops Start Boarding Up Before Election Day

Trouble may be just around the corner in this volatile election/pandemic year, because businesses coast-to-coast are starting to board up in anticipation of election unrest.

Washington D.C. is starting to shutter itself ahead of what might turn out to be a violent day and/or night. Check out these photos taken Monday in the business district of Downtown D.C. — just a stone’s throw from the White House. As you see, lots of different buildings and shops in the area are nailing up wooden boards to cover windows.

Construction crews are on hand doing their thing as passersby look on at an ominous scene — folks don’t usually do this unless they expect people to break in, like in a riot, for example.

D.C. isn’t alone. Beverly Hills is bracing for unrest and the pricy shops on Rodeo Drive will also be boarded up ahead of November 3rd.

We saw a lot of this during the social justice protests that took place over the summer. This promises to be even more intense.

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