Dane Bowers, 41, on mission to overhaul 'dad bod'

‘I really do not like my body’: Dane Bowers, 41, believes he’s ‘punching above his weight’ with Love Island girlfriend Laura Anderson, 32 – as he embarks on ‘dad bod’ overhaul

He’s all loved-up after moving in with Laura Anderson in Dubai last month.

But Dane Bowers, 41, revealed his insecurities by saying he’s ‘punching above his weight’ with his Love Island star girlfriend, 32.

Speaking in an Instagram video on Wednesday, the singer told fans he’s embarking on a new fitness regime as his ‘dad bod’ has left him too self-conscious by the pool. 

Silver fox: Dane Bowers, 41, told fans on Instagram on Wednesday his ‘dad bod’ left him too self conscious in the pool alongside his Love Island beauty girlfriend Laura Anderson, 32

He explained: ‘So I wanted to do a video because I’m just about to do something that I’ve been telling myself to do for months now, which is go to the gym. 

‘I’m going to do quite a serious 12 week course which I’ll tell you about but I don’t know how you guys feel about going to the gym.

‘Obviously girls talk a lot about their bodies and about not being happy, or they are happy, or whatever but I feel like guys don’t really do it.

‘I’m obviously pushing past 40 now. I’ve most definitely got a dad bod and I really do not like my body, to the point where I really have to kind of push myself and take a breath to take my top off at the pool… which obviously in Dubai is hard work because there’s a lot of pools, the beaches. I don’t particularly like taking my top off.’

Big Reunion: Dane, who appeared on television show The Big Reunion, reunited with Laura after they split three years ago after she discovered he had cheated on her

Dane explained: ‘Obviously girls talk a lot about their bodies and about not being happy, or they are happy, or whatever but I feel like guys don’t really do it’ 

Laura split from Dane three years ago after finding out he’d cheated on her but they rekindled their romance and moved in together in the United Arab Emirates in May.

Dane went on to tell his followers that during a recent photoshoot he felt insecure alongside partner Laura, who he says ‘looks amazing, she’s got a ridiculously good body’, adding: ‘Yes, and I’ve read all the comments, I know I’m punching.’

Dane continued: ‘For me, we did a shoot in the swimming pool and I wasn’t body fully out but I felt very conscious and I’m sure there are lots of guys that feel the same.

Self preservation: Dane admitted he felt too self conscious in a recent photoshoot alongside beauty Laura during which he was required to take his top off in the pool

‘I’ve always said, “I’ve got to go to the gym, I’ve got to fix it,” because I don’t want to feel awkward taking my top off at the pool.

The former pop star said he’d regularly be posting videos to his social media page to keep him accountable, adding that he hopes to see some results soon.

After setting up home with Laura in the UAE in May, Dane revealed it was his twelfth move in four years.

Laura ended her romance with Dane, who previously dated Katie Price, 42, after discovering he was unfaithful in 2018. But sources close to the pair say they’re officially back on – and hope this time it’s for the long-haul.

A source told MailOnline: ‘Dane and Laura have been spending all their time together in Dubai – being in each other’s company again has reminded them how good things were before.

‘Laura was devastated when she found out Dane was cheating on her but years have passed and she’s now willing to give him another chance.’ 

Home is where the heart is: Dane and Laura moved in together in Dubai in May, with the couple announcing the happy news to fan on Instagram as Laura gave her followers a house tour

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