Daunte Wright Protesters Use Umbrellas for Protection on 3rd Night

Civil unrest continued for a third straight night in Minnesota after the shooting death of Daunte Wright — which saw protestors start to get creative with how they protected themselves.

Demonstrators took to the streets again Tuesday evening, gathering outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department and elsewhere in the area to decry police officer Kim Potter killing Daunte over the weekend … after she claimed she mistakenly grabbed her gun instead of her Taser.

The march took an interesting turn Tuesday night — different from the previous 2 nights — as some protesters came prepared … with umbrellas to shield themselves from projectiles hurled by police.

Check it out … you can see a bunch of civilians bunched up together with open umbrellas out, acting as a bit of a barrier for several of them all at once.

Not to make light of the situation, but it was reminiscent of the movie “300” … where the Spartans used their shields to ward off incoming arrows

BTW, protesters used other homemade weapons of choice, if you will … including a guy who used a leaf blower to clear out smoke and gas from flashbangs the police threw to disperse the crowds.

All in all, reports say upwards of 60 people were arrested — this as curfews were in effect in Brooklyn Center and surrounding areas.

The chaos, of course, follows yet another police-involved incident that left an unarmed Black man dead. Potter shot and killed Wright Sunday as he attempted to escape custody … this after police found there was a warrant out in his name during a traffic stop.

His family has already retained civil rights attorney Ben Crump, and gave an emotional press conference Tuesday … where multiple members openly wept and called for justice.

An investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is currently underway — but amid mounting pressure, Officer Potter resigned from the force after serving more than 20 years as a cop. Not just that, but the Chief of Police at BCPD also stepped down — seemingly as a sign of solidarity. The public had called for her firing, at the very least, but the Chief wouldn’t oblige, instead, explaining away the situation as an “accidental discharge” and a mistake.

Daunte, who was just 20 years old, was the father of a 2-year-old.

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