Demi Lovato Shades Marissa Callahan Twitter, Not Friends, Fight

Longtime fans of Demi Lovato know that Marissa Callahan is her ride-or-die best friend. The girls have been BFFs for years now, but it appears that something happened between them and they’re no longer friends.

Lovatics noticed that the 25-year-old singer and her sisters, Dallas and Madison, unfollowed the 27-year-old on Instagram, causing them to speculate that there was drama between the former besties. The “Tell Me You Love Me” crooner then went on a Twitter rant that seemingly confirmed people’s thoughts.

Then, the next day, she continued the rant and got even more heated.

This was allegedly a direct response to Marissa shading Demi on Facebook for not coming to her birthday party.

It’s not 100% confirmed that Marissa and Demi are fighting, but it’s clear that the musician is very upset with someone who used to be close to her.

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