Ed Sheeran Teases Release Of New Album ‘Later This Year’

On his 30th birthday, Ed Sheeran gave a hint that he is going to release a new album later this year.

“30 today. Thank you for all your wonderful messages, I feel very loved. Currently dressed the same as I was on my 3rd birthday about to chow down on Colin the pirate caterpillar, poor bloke,” the British singer-songwriter wrote on Instagram last Wednesday.

He added, “I’ll be back online with the 4th installment in the series later this year, until then.”

“The 4th installment in the series” seemingly refers to the three previous albums he released, namely, + (or Plus from 2011), his sophomore album from 2014 × (Multiply) and 2017’s ÷ (Divide).

Sheeran released the star-studded No.6 Collaborations Project in July 2019.

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