Emily shows off supermodel body in $180 Inamorata bikini

Emily Ratajkowski shows off sensational supermodel body in $180 swimsuit from her Inamorata line

She is her own brand’s best supermodel.

And Emily Ratajkowski proved it yet again when she posed up on Instagram in a $180 swimsuit from her Inamorata line.

The 29-year-old was wearing her satin Luciana swimsuit, with a $95 top and $85 bottoms, in the shade listed online as ‘Avorio.’

Her own brand’s best supermodel: Emily Ratajkowski proved it yet again when she posed up on Instagram in a $180 swimsuit from her Inamorata line

Inamorata is the Italian word for a female lover and the brand evidently has a generally Italian theme as ‘avorio’ in the same language translates to ivory.

Even the new photo in the Luciana bikini showed Emily posing in front of columns that were reminiscent of Greco-Roman antiquity.

Her latest Inamorata picture was uploaded a day after it was announced that her upcoming book of essays is to be called My Body.

A press release touted Emily’s ‘deeply personal examination of what it means to be a woman and a commodity’ in the book, which is due out in 2022.

Out and about: Emily is pictured enjoying a walk this week in New York City with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and their dog Colombo

The announcement comes after her personal essay in The Cut last month in which she accused photographer Jonathan Leder of sexual assault.

Emily alleged that he non-consensually ‘put fingers inside me’ while she was at his Catskills home for a photo-shoot in 2012.

He denied the allegations to The Cut, calling them ‘too tawdry and childish to respond to’ and adding: ‘You do know who we are talking about right? This is the girl that was naked in Treats! magazine, and bounced around naked in the Robin Thicke video at that time. You really want someone to believe she was a victim?’

Jonathan repeated his denial of Emily’s allegation in a statement to DailyMail.com referring to her claim as ‘totally false.’

Happy memories: Recently on her social media Emily was ‘just reminiscing’ and posted a picture of ‘baby Colombo’ on his ‘first day home’

During a British GQ interview published this May Emily described her book as ‘like a memoir, but with added political thinking.’

The London-born celebrity explained: ‘I’m trying to use my experience as a model and someone who has capitalized on their image and also someone who has been maybe a victim of their image. It’s complicated.’

Emily went on: ‘I am looking at all that through a feminist perspective and just trying to decipher some of the answers. I don’t have them all yet; maybe I never will.’

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