Emma Willis’ husband Matt Willis opens up about protecting family from ‘traumatic’ moment

Emma Willis, 43, was recently spotted cheering on her husband Matt Willis, 36, with their children as he performed with his band Busted. However, the star admitted his latest venture into acting may not be appropriate for the couple’s youngsters 10-year-old Isabelle, seven-year-old Ace and three-year-old Trixie to witness. The musician turned actor is starring as a casting director in Jason Mewes film Madness in the Method. Matt’s character can be seen uttering plenty of expletives in the flick and unfortunately meets a gruesome end.

Might be a bit traumatic so maybe I won’t let them see this movie.

Matt Willis

Speaking out about shielding his children from the “traumatic” scenes in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the performer explained: “I don’t think I’d like my kids to hear me say motherf***er. 

“I can get away with a lot of things but motherf***er might be a stretch for my seven-year-old.

“It might be a bit early for them to hear me say that,” he joked.

Opening up about how his character’s on-screen death may affect his family, the star added: “To watch me get killed might be a bit traumatic so maybe I won’t let them see this movie.”

Fortunately, Matt has also been involved in more family-friendly productions, including musical Little Shop of Horrors, where he played sadistic dentist, Orin Scrivello. 

He continued: “But they’ve watched everything else. They went to see Little Shop and they loved it.”

Matt also addressed his bad language on stage with Busted and admitted the crowd can be “quite intimidating” for his children.

On their reaction to his live shows, he said: “I think they enjoy it more the older they get funnily enough. 

“We’re quite rude when we play live, we swear a lot. 

“Considering we were perceived as a pop band our crowd is f***ing rough and really raucous and energetic, and they have a great time, they go crazy.”

He added: “We’re at a stage now where our gigs are really exciting and my kids will be like, ‘Oh my god, what is happening?’ It’s quite a full on experience for them. 

“That many people jumping up and down and pushing into each other is quite intimidating.

“Their daddy saying ‘f**k’ all the time on stage isn’t a good look.”

Emma and Matt are currently enjoying a holiday together on a fitness retreat in Mallorca.

The pair, who tied the knot back in 2008, posed for a selfie wearing caps branded with “The Body Camp” before embarking on their trip.

Matt posted the snap in view of his 383,000 followers, which showed the couple smiling for the camera.

He captioned the shot: “Away for a week of fun with this one @emmawillisofficial @thebodycampmallorca so far it’s AMAZING! This place is next level! Loving every second, every bead of sweat and every meal!”

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