Emmy Miller 911 Call: Adults Frantically Tried To Save Bode’s Daughter For 5+ Min. After She Fell In Pool

The frantic 911 call from Bode Miller’s baby daughter’s drowning has been released. The details of what happened before the 19-month-old’s death are truly heartbreaking.

The Orange County Fire department has released the 911 call that was placed just moments after 19-month-old Emeline (Emmy) Miller, the daughter of Olympian Bode Miller, fell into a pool at a neighbor’s party on June 10. The call, obtained by TMZ, was made by a woman who told the 911 operator that the baby had been taken out of the pool, and someone was performing CPR on her. Neighbors were working tirelessly to help the little girl. The operator asks the woman if Emmy was breathing, and she said no. At one point, the person giving her CPR said he could feel a “small pulse.”

They turned Emmy on her side to try getting the water out of her lungs. You can hear someone in the background exclaiming that “the water just keeps coming out,” and the woman on the phone keeps saying, “c’mon baby girl!” The call lasts about five minutes, ending as you can hear firefighters arriving. Emmy was taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to resuscitate her; she tragically died.

Bode put out a statement on behalf of himself and wife Morgan Beck on Instagram the day after the accident, writing: “We are beyond devastated. Our baby girl, Emmy, passed away yesterday. Never in a million years did we think we would experience a pain like this. Her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten. Our little girl loved life and lived it to it’s fullest everyday. Our family respectfully requests privacy during this painful time.”

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