‘Entourage’ creator rushed divorce filing to beat soon-to-be ex

The drama in “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin’s love life has officially eclipsed that of all the shows he’s produced.

It was reported last week that Ellin filed for divorce from his wife, New York WPIX sports anchor Andrea “Andy” Adler, after less than a year of marriage. But sources say the truth is that Ellin filed in a rush in LA to beat her to the punch (and for a man-about-Hollywood to get the first TMZ divorce news alert) after Andy had told him numerous times over the previous months that she was ready to divorce. Ellin claims things fell apart because work kept them on separate coasts.

He told Page Six, “Unfortunately, the distance was too tough … I contemplated moving to New York, and she to LA, but Andy has a great career and life already set up there, as do I here.” He further said, “I truly feel fortunate to have gotten to spend the last 18 months with Andy … I will always love her and want nothing but the best for her and this truly is a heartbreaking situation, but we are parting ways with nothing but pure love and respect for each other.”

Neither party is seeking spousal support. Adler had no comment, but sources told us she had hoped to keep the split private.

Ellin was previously married to Melissa Dana Hecht for 13 years and they have two children together. He was also formerly engaged to model Maddie Diehl. They split in 2016 as Ellin mocked her publicly for having been financially dependent on him.

When she posted on Instagram of the split, “I’m free,” he cruelly responded, “You can’t be free while you’re driving my car.” Which may hint to all women in the world why Ellin is single — again.

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