Every reference to ‘Riverdale’ and Archie Comics on the final installment of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

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  • Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for part four of Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."
  • The final installment of episodes featured a few nods to The CW's "Riverdale" and the Archie Comics.
  • Actors who appeared on "Riverdale" played minor roles on part four of "CAOS."
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Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" returned for its final installment on Friday, featuring a few nods to its source material. 

Similar to past episodes, part four of "CAOS" included various "Riverdale" Easter eggs, which makes sense since both series are led by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the fictional towns of Greendale and Riverdale are in close proximity. 

Here are all the references and nods to "Riverdale" and Archie Comics on part four of "CAOS."

On the first episode, Roz compared Baxter High's lack of sex education classes to Riverdale High, which has "condom machines in the bathroom."

A few minutes into the episode, Roz told her friends that "Baxter High doesn't have any sex education classes."

"I called around," she said. "Every single other high school in the state has them, except for us. And get this — at Riverdale, they have condom machines in the bathroom."

Referencing the pagan takeover from part three of "CAOS," Roz also said that the fiasco showed that teenagers are having sex, and should be taught how to have sex safely and responsibly. 

At the Spellman's parlor following Hilda and Dr. Cee's wedding on episode two, Sabrina donned a costume that was a direct nod to her character's look in the comics.

Hilda's friends and family dressed in costumes as the bride and groom said their vows again, after a messy wedding reception that was crashed by one of the eldritch terrors. 

Sabrina dressed in a white shirt, a black belt, and red pants. For her hair, she wore a white wig with bangs, plus her signature black headband. 

Sabrina's look was an homage to how the character appeared when she was introduced in "Archie's Madhouse #22," which was published in 1962. A few years later, she got her own comic-book series.

"CAOS" showrunner Aguirre-Sacasa previously teased the nod on Twitter in July 2020, when he posted a photo of Kiernan Shipka in the Sabrina comic-book costume, replicating the same pose and setting. 

On episode three, newcomer Lucas Hunt transferred to Riverdale High after witnessing bizarre activity at Baxter High.

Lucas initially transferred from Innsmouth High to be on Baxter High's swim team and seemed to click instantly with Sabrina. He became her lab partner for the biology class dissection of an octopus and they went on a dinner date.

But things took a turn for the worse when Lucas and Sabrina began kissing one day and he realized that her tongue resembled a tentacle.

He ran out of her house horrified, unaware that the third Eldritch Terror (the Weird) got inside Sabrina's body and turned her into a host — hence her deformed tongue. 

After another incident involving the Weird, Lucas had enough and he left the school for Riverdale High.

"Probably for the best," Sabrina said, oblivious to the fact that the town of Riverdale has its own deadly issues. 

When the fourth Eldritch Terror (the Perverse) reached Greendale and warped reality, viewers met a dog named Anubis.

Though it was never addressed, the dog's name might have been a nod to Archie Comics' "Afterlife With Archie" series. Those comics are written by Aguirre-Sacasa and center on a zombie apocalypse.

In "Afterlife With Archie," Hot Dog, Jughead Jones' beloved pup, got killed by a car driven by Reggie Mantle. Hot Dog then became Anubis, the God of Death. With the help of Sabrina, Hot Dog was brought back, but in the form of a zombie.

"Riverdale" fans will also recall that Hot Dog was introduced as the Southside Serpents' pet on the show's season one finale. 

Sean Depner, who plays the menacing Stonewall Prep student named Bret Weston Wallis on "Riverdale," had a short-lived run as a character named Tobey on "CAOS."

He appeared on episode six as the leader of a trio called The Stoned Philosophers. The band was murdered by a heavy-metal group called Satanic Panic. 

Sarah Desjardins, who stars as fellow Stonewall Prep student Donna Sweett on "Riverdale," played another member of The Stoned Philosophers.

She was a guitarist named Katie in the group and barely had any screentime before she was killed. 

On season four of "Riverdale," it was revealed that Desjardins' character conspired against Mr. DuPont in an attempt to get revenge for the murder of her grandmother. 

Rounding out The Stoned Philosophers was Katy, portrayed by "Riverdale" actor Doralynn Mui.

On "Riverdale," Mui portrays Stonewall Prep student Joan Berkeley, who played a role in the attempted murder of Jughead on season four. 

Another actor from "Riverdale" played a minor role on episode six of "CAOS."

Conor Stinson O'Gorman portrayed Satanic Panic member Filth.

He previously appeared on "Riverdale" as a boy from Shadow Lake who teamed up with his friends to rob the Core Four during their trip to the Lodge family's cabin on season two.

He returned the following season when Archie had a hallucination. 

Episode six of "CAOS" included a nod to the Fred Heads, a fictional band from "Riverdale."

On the episode, Sabrina and her friends discovered a poster for an old Battle of the Bands competition between Satanic Panic and Fred Heads.

In case the band name sounded familiar, that's because it was referenced on "Riverdale."

Season three, episode four of "Riverdale" showed young Fred Andrews performing with his band, called Fred Heads.

The group was comprised of Fred, Hermione Lodge (née Gomez), Alice Cooper, FP Jones, and Sierra McCoy (née Samuels).

During the episode, they played "Dream Warriors," the theme song from "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3."

BONUS DETAIL: Ross Lynch's older brother, Riker Lynch, played Satanic Panic frontman Filth.

In real life, Ross and Riker were in a band called R5 with their family and a friend.

Now, Ross is part of an alternative duo called The Driver Era with his brother Rocky Lynch.

Meanwhile, Riker (who appeared on as a Dalton Academy Warbler on "Glee" and competed on "Dancing With the Stars") is the lead singer of a project called Riker and The Beachcombers.

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