EXCLUSIVE: Davina McCall reveals her top health and fitness secrets

One thing is for sure. Davina is looking pretty, damn fine at the moment. She is 50-years-old and is in the best shape of her life! Measuring 5ft 7in, weighing 10st and a dress size 10, Davina is currently training to be a professional personal trainer.

But what does she eat and how does she look so good?

We got the low down from the presenter and  Ashton Turner, nutritionist at London’s Evolve, gives his verdict on her daily diet.

So, what does Davina eat? 

Breakfast: Two crumpets with butter and honey – 400 cals

ASHTON SAYS: A little high on the carbs for me and will likely leave Davina feeling hungry quicker than something higher in protein would, but will provide energy for training if she trains in the morning.

Lunch: Garlic pitta with a large salad containing bacon, avocado, chicken, egg and vegetables, plus a flat white coffee and a large bottle of water – 550  cals

ASHTON SAYS: A really good mix of macronutrients here that will provide Davina’s body with everything it needs. High in protein which is perfect and plenty of vitamins and nutrients from the salad.

Dinner: Pork chilli with brown rice – 600 cals

ASHTON SAYS: Pork is higher in cals due to its fat content but this doesn’t mean it’s bad. Chilli will have plenty of flavour and the rice is great for energy.

Snacks: Banana and almonds – 150 cals

ASHTON SAYS: Quick and easy snacks on the go that keep cals low and stop those cravings.

TOTAL CALS: 1,700 (GDA 2,000)

ASHTON’S VERDICT: Other than breakfast this is a great example of a diet. Knowing Davina trains hard means she can allow herself higher carb meals such as crumpets and honey but it wouldn’t be right for everyone.

And how does she keep in shape?

Hey Davina! You’re looking fabulous as always, what motivates you to keep fit?

You never regret a workout! Fitness makes you feel good, which is the most important thing. But also having big targets and upcoming exercise events keep me motivated.


Do you have a favourite body part?

Probably my tummy is my favourite, as it’s always required the least amount of work. I have to work hardest on my ankles… Elle Macpherson doesn’t realise how lucky she is to have ankles like that! I’m constantly having to work on mine.

[Laughs] Your abs are incredible… What’s your no.1 ab workout?

The best tip I can give is just to engage your abs whenever and wherever you can, even tensing can constantly keep them working.

Ooh, good tip! So when you’re feeling a bit low on body confidence, what do you do to feel better?

Fake it! I tell this to my friends, my family… If you’re feeling down about yourself, fake the confidence and you’ll start to really feel it.

Fake it ‘til you make it, eh? Are there any foods you stay away from?

Offal… I just can’t get on board with things like liver, kidney, bone marrow… Eurgh.

Are you one to count calories and track your food?

No, as I don’t feel I need to. But if you do want to lose weight it’s a simple, accurate way to do it – just make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming!

And do you take any health supplements?

I don’t totally agree with them, if I’m honest, just because I feel I should be getting everything I need from my diet. But if you have a deficiency I can understand it more.

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By Emily Jefferies

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