Fans spotted what happened to Michael Buffer ahead of Chelsea vs Liverpool

Michael Buffer introduced the Chelsea and Liverpool teams to the Stamford Bridge pitch ahead of their Premier League clash on Sunday afternoon.

But unfortunately for the Legendary boxing announcer, he didn’t pick the best place to stand and was hit by one of the sprinkers.

Buffer, 73, was in the capital this weekend for Tony Bellew’s rematch with David Haye at the O2 Arena on Saturday night, which the Liverpudlian won via a fifth-round knockout.

From there he headed west to make an announcement ahead of the game, altering his trademark: "Let’s get ready to rumble", for "let’s get ready to football".

However, he couldn’t stand around in the sun for as long as he’d have liked as a sprinkler nearby turned towards him and sprayed him with water.

Fans who spotted what happened instantly took to social media to comment on Buffer’s misfortune.

One wrote: "Michael Buffer getting Soaked by a sprinkler whilst announcing the Chelsea game is the best thing I’ve seen all weekend."

While another added: "Michael Buffer the guest announcer for game at Stamford Bridge… drenched by sprinkler midway through. Perhaps preemptive punishment for finishing with ‘let’s get ready for football…’"

Who will miss out on top-four?


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