Garth Brooks Reveals Wife Trisha Yearwood Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Garth Brooks recently revealed that his wife Trisha Yearwood has tested positive for COVID-19. Brooks, 59, has tested negative.

The results of the country legends’ diagnostic test for coronavirus were revealed by a rep for Brooks in a press release.

Even before their test results came in, the couple began quarantining at home following a positive coronavirus test by a member of their team.

“The Queen and I have now tested twice. Officially, she’s diagnosed as ‘on her way out of the tunnel’ now, though, which I’m extremely thankful for. Anyone who knows me knows my world begins and ends with Miss Yearwood, so she and I will ride through this together,” Brooks said.

He added, “Living with her, I sometimes take it for granted she’s one of the greatest voices in all of music, so the possible long-term effects on her concern me as her husband and as a fan.”

Brooks said he feels very lucky that 56-year-old Trisha is “currently under the greatest care in the best city for treating and healing singers.”

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