Gary Lineker transforms into KFC's Colonel Sanders for new Walkers ad

Gary Lineker transforms into Colonel Sanders as he sports a goatee and the KFC founder’s famous white suit in new ad for Walkers Crisps

He bares a striking resemblance to the KFC founder.  

And Gary Lineker made the most of the similarity as he transformed into Colonel Sanders in a new ad for Walker’s Crisps.

The football star, 60, is seen sporting a goatee and wearing the businessman’s famous white suit as he lines up with its reflection in the video.

Seeing double! Gary Lineker transformed into Colonel Sanders sporting the same white suit and goatee as he looked in a shop window for a new Walker’s Crisps ad

Gary is seen standing outside a newsagents – called the Colonel News – at the start of the video while tucking into one of Walker X KFC’s special crisps.

However it is at the end that he turns into the face of the brand, looking into a shop window to see the white suit and black bowtie perfectly reflected on himself. 

Adding the the uncanny image, Gary and the Colonel both also have similar facial hair and wide-rimmed black glasses.

Gary, who has been promoting Walkers for 25 years, appears rather pleased with the look as he beams a grin and holds onto his crisp packet. 

Tucking in: The football star, 60, is seen standing outside a newsagents – called the Colonel News – at the start of the video

The advert promotes a collaboration between the companies and two new products based on the fast food chain’s items.

The mash-ups of the two popular brands products are Walkers MAX Kentucky Fried Chicken and Walkers MAX Double Crunch Zinger.    

Some fans took to Twitter to agree that Gary and the Colonel looked strikingly similar after the ad was revealed.

One person penned: ‘Gary Lineker has a new Walkers ad doing the rounds… Is it me or is he looking more like Colonel Sanders nowadays?’ 

While another agreed, saying: ‘Gary Lineker is looking increasingly like Colonel Sanders, to be fair.’ 

Uncanny: Gary seems rather pleased with himself as he smiles at the reflection and turns into Colonel Sanders

Something new to try: The ad promotes Walkers MAX Kentucky Fried Chicken and Walkers MAX Double Crunch Zinger, which are a mix of both Walkers and KFC’s recipes 

Colonel Harland David Sanders was born in 1890 and founded KFC in 1930 before dying 50 years later at the age of 90 in 1980.  

The late American businessman was an honorary Colonel, awarded by the US State of Kentucky. He did also serve in the United States Army as a young man in 1906.

Last year it was reported that Match of the Day presenter Gary has signed a £1.2m deal to remain the face of Walkers Crisps for the next three years.  

Gary has been promoting the snack brand for more than 25 years and will continue to be one until 2023 at least.

According to The Sun, the former England striker’s new deal will see him do fewer adverts and take on a greater ambassadorial role.  

Similarities: Some people took to Twitter after the ad was released to comment on Gary looking very similar to the famous KFC founder

Instantly recognisable: Colonel Sanders, who died in 1980, was known for always wearing a dapper white suit (pictured a man dressed like the original businessman in 2007)

A source told the paper: ‘Signing up Gary for another three years is a huge coup but they’re taking him in a new direction.

‘He’s going to take on a higher role, which includes Gary being more involved in Walkers’ drive to lessen their plastic usage and consumption as a whole.

‘He’ll still front the new ads but it just won’t be as many as normal.’ 

And although keeping busy with work, Gary recently admitted he’s ‘very single’, joking that the only people ‘sliding into his DMs are making charity requests’. 

The star spoke very candidly about his personal life and also revealed that he once tried Botox but ‘absolutely hated’ it in a new interview with The Sun. 

Although being single since splitting from second wife Danielle in 2016, Gary explained that he’s not been looking for love during lockdown. 

Gary said: ‘Yes, I’m very single, especially in lockdown. Even the sight of a female is very rare.  

‘I’ve had lots of people sliding into my DMs but it’s normally requests for plugging their book or their charity. I’m nearly 60! Who’s going to slide into my DMs?’

The TV presenter explained how his sons told him dating is done by sending private messages on social media now, but he isn’t convinced it will work for him.

Gary has been single since splitting from Danielle in 2016. He was also married to Michelle Cockayne and they share four adult sons: George, Harry, Tobias and Angus. 

Not dating: And although keeping busy with work, Gary recently admitted he’s not dating in his personal life and is ‘very single’, (pictured with ex Danielle Bux in 2015)

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