Goldie Hawn, 77, says the Oscars have become 'too politicized'

Goldie Hawn, 77, says the Oscars have become ‘too politicized,’ jokes are ‘off color’ and there is a lack of elegance: ‘I want to see people in awe’

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Goldie Hawn, 77, is a silver screen legend with a career spanning nearly seven decades.

Few actors have amassed the body of work she has while remaining both true to her comedic instincts. 

And the Oscar winner – who recently celebrated 40 years with Kurt Russell – opened up to Variety about how Hollywood has changed.

‘It used to be elegant,’ she said of the Oscars, which will take place on Sunday.

‘I’m not old-fashioned, but sometimes jokes are off-color. And I’m missing reverence. Things have become politicized. I want to see people in awe. I want to see people believing again. I want to see people laughing more in a way that isn’t just at someone else’s expense.’

Oscar issue: Goldie Hawn appeared on Variety’s Oscar Issue and opens up about her career, her Oscar, the changes in Hollywood and the role that would lure her out of retirement

Oscar win: She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1970 when she was 25 and missed the ceremony

The Sugarland Express star also bemoaned the death of the movie star. ‘Where are they?’ she asked. 

‘The old-fashioned movie star creates excitement. We used to be able to say, “I’m gonna take a break because I think I’m overexposed.” 

‘A lot of these people that are coming up are making more money than anybody ever made as an actor, but they’re not known.’

The Oscar winner mostly retired after 2001’s The Banger Sisters with Susan Sarandon.

‘I’d been making a lot of movies for a long time. And when 9/11 happened, the world turned upside down,’ she said, ‘and I wasn’t feeling very happy. But what I realized is that children were actually going to be suffering a silent distress on account of 9/11.’

Hawn created a nonprofit classroom program called MindUP that helps kids manage stress. The program is used in 50 countries. ‘It’s changing children,’ she said.

She appeared as Amy Schumer’s mom in the film Snatched in 2017 and as Mrs Claus opposite her partner of 40 years, Kurt Russell, in two Netflix movies, The Christmas Chronicles in 2018 and its 2020 sequel. 

She would emerge from retirement for the right role. She cited a Marvel movie with a ‘wild, crazy character,’ the long talked about sequel to the First Wives Club, and playing Mrs Claus one more time as roles worthy of leaving retirement for briefly.

She got the gold for this role: The star won an Oscar for her part in the 1969 movie Cactus Flower

A big deal: The newcomer worked with vet Walter Matthau and director Gene Saks

He was there for her: When she won her Oscar, Fred Astaire presented the award to her, but she was in London

And she also shared how she learned she won an Academy Award for her turn in Cactus Flower.

Turns out she was asleep in London when she got the good news. 

On April 7, 1970, she was asleep in London, where she was filming a movie, when Fred Astaire announced she had won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 1969’s Cactus Flower.

She forgot it was on television. The then 25-year-old found out she’d won the Oscar via a gruff 4:00 AM phone call. 

And she admitted if she got the chance to re-do that night, she’d have moved heaven and earth to be at that Oscar ceremony when her name was read as the winner. 

A more recent hit film: Hawn and Amy Schumer in the hit film Snatched from 2017

‘I never got dressed up. I never got to pick up the award,’ she told Variety. ‘I regret it. It’s something that I look back on now and think, “It would have been so great to be able to have done that.”‘

The Private Benjamin star also didn’t know it was Astaire who announced her win until a few weeks ago. 

She was on her way to a mutual friend’s party with Jimmy Kimmel when he said,  ‘Did you ever see the part where you’re being announced by Fred Astaire?’ 

Goldie replied, ‘Fred Astaire?! He’s my idol. And I didn’t know he was the one that announced my name. I got emotional when I finally saw it.’

And the First Wives Club actress also revealed that she keeps her Oscar in her closet. 

‘I don’t brag much,’ she said. ‘So those things, I keep kind of quiet.’

Walk of fame: The actress recently celebrated 40 years with partner Kurt Russell; seen in 2022

A cute on screen couple too: Together they have starred in two Christmas Chronicles

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