Grocery Store Joe Fans: Did You Know That You Can Email Him? Plus, It Sounds Like He Actually Checks His Inbox

There’s something interesting about the fact that “Grocery Store” Joe Amabile was kicked off during the first week of the Bachelorette, but made a strong recovery during Bachelor in Paradise. In fact, many of the girls couldn’t believe that he was the one that was sent home right away, given that he does have his own certain charm. Whatever the case, there’s plenty of Joe fans out there. Kendall Long and Joe are turning out to be one of the cutest couples around. But did you know that you can email him, and he might actually read your message?

Joe let that piece of information slip during a teaser clip for the upcoming season of DWTS, during which he’ll be paired up with current reigning champion, Jenna Johnson. During the clip, he and Jenna asked each other fun, personal questions. At one point, Jenna asked Joe, “Have you had any interesting fan experiences since the Bachelorette?” To which he responded, “I got an email the other day…”

Jenna then interrupted him, saying “Wait, wait, wait… why do they have your email?” Joe simply answered, “I put it on my Instagram.”

Jenna sunk her head into her hands in response. Because — to be fair — most celebrities tend to hide that type of information.

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But sure enough, if you go to Joe’s Instagram profile, his email is listed under the word “Chicago.” Most fans have probably already seen that already, but perhaps the biggest revelation here is that the man actually reads some of the messages in his inbox. Meanwhile, viewers didn’t actually get to find out what the interesting fan experience was that Joe was starting to describe — because the clip cuts out.

In other news, at the end of the Paradise season, fans were left believing that Kendall and Joe were no longer an item. However, it turned out that Kendall flew to Chicago to beg for Joe to forgive her, and the two have since reunited. But in the meantime, Joe admitted on Ellen that “If I’m single at the end of this show, I would definitely be the Bachelor. Would I be a good one? Probably not.”

When asked about why he wouldn’t be a good bachelor, Joe said that, “because I’d probably be a nervous wreck the entire time. It would actually be really bad,” according to Hollywood Life.

Kendall is certainly glad that Joe didn’t end up being the Bachelor. Instead, he’ll be making his debut on Dancing with the Stars, with plenty of crossover fans likely to tune in to the show for the first time.

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