Hayden Panettiere Stays With Abusive Boyfriend Following Domestic Violence Arrest

More disturbing news today involving troubled actress Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden is dating Brian Hickerson, and despite the fact that the guy is basically a walking red flag, it seems she’s planning on riding this disastrous relationship out.

On May 2, Hickerson was arrested on domestic violence charges following an incident that appears to have involved Panettiere.

Details are of the altercation are scarce, but neighbors reportedly called the police and reported that they had heard a female voice crying out in pain.

In the days following the incident, both Hickerson and Panettiere laid low.

Both parties have yet to comment on the situation, but according to Radar Online, hopes that Hayden would finally leave her troubled boyfriend were dashed today when the couple was spotted walking hand-in-hand during an outing in Los Angeles.

Sadly, the arrest is just the latest troubling incident involving Hickerson’s volatile behavior.

Friends and family have blamed Hayden’s heavy drinking on her relationship, and her substance abuse seems to have been a major factor in her estrangement from her 4-year-old daughter, who currently lives in Ukraine with her father.

In the past three months, Hickerson has been accused of assaulting his father and fleeing the scene of a drunk driving accident.

Panettiere was reportedly a witness to the first incident and may have been in the car for the second.

Not surprisingly, those closest to the actress are urging her to end her tumultuous relationship as soon as possible.

“I knew he had an incident with his father, and he has a tendency to do that [physical violence],” claimed Panettiere’s mom, Lesley Vogel.

“Never had I thought it would be against Hayden or I would have addressed it sooner. I have addressed many things.”

And apparently, Vogel is not alone in her disapproval of Hickerson.

A source tells Radar that several members of Hayden’s family “do not approve” of Hickerson, adding her loved ones “are hoping this is something that she is going to evolve from.”

Here’s hoping the Panettiere family is monitoring the situation closely.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this developing story and keep you updated as new information becomes available.

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