‘HTGAWM’ Star Matt McGorry Arrested & Charged With Disorderly Conduct During BLM Protest

Matt McGorry was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct during a non-violent protest in NYC on April 16. He made sure to document the arrest on video for this powerful message he wants you to listen to.

Matt McGorry, 32, was arrested in his native, New York City on April 16, while participating in a non-violent protest with NYC Shut It Down. Matt, who was later released, was videotaped while being handcuffed by police, and now, he’s requesting that the public shares his video for an important cause. NYC Shut It Down — a group of activists who protest against militarized policing and racial injustice — took the streets to protest the death of Decynthia Clements.

Clements, McGorry says was “a Black woman who was murdered by police on March 12, 2018, in Illinois.” He penned an article centered around his arrest to discuss how he and NYC Shut It Down are “making Black Lives Matter in the ‘Liberal Bubble.’” He continued: “Clements also suffered from mental illness, experiencing hallucinations and suicidal thoughts, and was inhumanely handled by police in the same way we see too many people of color treated,” he wrote [via Medium].

McGorry, along with NYC Shut It Down participated in the group’s annual Monday-night protest, called People’s Monday. It is a specific night of marching to “uplift the stories of Black and Brown people killed by police and to call attention to the danger and displacement that gentrification — and its accompanying police presence — causes in communities of color,” he wrote.

The actor joined the activist group three years ago. Monday night when he was arrested marked his fifth time marching with NYC Shut It Down.

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