John Legend Fears Daughter Luna’s ‘Not Ready’ To Be A Big Sister: The Baby Will ‘Be An Issue’

While John Legend is so excited about welcoming a son this spring, he’s not so sure 2-year-old daughter Luna knows what’s coming. In a recent interview, he even admitted Luna ‘runs the house right now!’

Luna Simone Stephens, 2, has been an only child for just over two years now, and apparently she adores “being the center of everything.” All that’s going to change though when mom Chrissy Teigen, 32, gives birth to a baby boy within the next month. Speaking candidly about the big changes coming, John Legend, 39, revealed he’s actually worried about how Luna will react to another baby in the house — and he’s even getting advice from friends! Click here to see adorable pics of the sweetest celebrity siblings.

“Chrissy is due a month from now. I don’t know if Luna is ready,” John revealed at the TFF Talks Storytellers panel on April 19. “I don’t think she has any idea about being a big sister, actually. My friends keep trying to give me advice, but I think Luna is definitely going to be an issue!” We know some celebs, like Kim Kardashian, 37, tried to combat sibling rivalry by getting her older children gifts when Chicago West was born, saying they were from the new baby. We’re not sure if John and Chrissy are taking that approach as well, but John did say he wants to introduce the newborn to Luna ASAP!

“They say I should bring Luna IN to him, so we aren’t all sitting with him and she’s like ‘WHO DIS?’ She’s two and she’s talking a lot. But she’s running the house right now, and she’s used to being the center of everything,” John explained. “We’ll see how she shares the spotlight.”

Luna celebrated her 2nd birthday just last weekend, and you better believe her parents threw her one epic b-day bash! The party took place at John and Chrissy’s Cali home and featured life-sized balloon Sesame Street characters, a gorgeous three-tier cake, and tons of fun decorations. But while the toddler may not be super excited about getting a little brother, WE cannot wait to meet the newest Legend family addition!

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