Kanye’s Tweets Empower Hate Groups, According to Dr Phil

The prevailing notion about Kanye West is he’s off — off his meds, off the rails, just off. Now, after his bizarre statement about slavery being a choice and a slew of unfiltered tweets, Dr. Phil weighed in on the rapper’s recent post-2018 return to Twitter behavior.

TMZ reported that Dr. Phil believes that one of two things appear to be happening with Ye. Either, the rapper wants attention by saying increasingly bizarre and shocking things, or he suffers from a severe impulse control issue (it is worth noting that Dr. Phil isn’t West’s doctor). Both those things are troubling. However, even more troubling for Dr. Phil is the fact that because of his massive fanbase and platform, his crazy off the cuff remarks fuel hate groups.

In fact, the TV doctor made famous by Oprah calls Yeezy’s recent behavior both ignorant and dangerous. His recent declaration that 400 years of slavery in the U.S. is a choice empowers hate groups that feed off such things, and instead of empowering the people he thinks he’s speaking to, Kanye enables those who want to further spread hatred.

Dr. Phil isn’t the only person who believes the rapper was way off in his comments. People reported that former Black Eyed Peas member, Will.i.am felt broken-hearted after hearing Kanye’s outburst. Ultimately, Will.i.am doesn’t believe the words he’s hearing from West right now are the real Kanye — at least they aren’t representative of the person he’s known all these years.

After the significant backlash, West appeared to try to clarify himself by admitting he knows slaves did not willingly come to America centuries ago, and he said his point is that people have chosen since then to become mentally enslaved. Later he tweeted that conversations need to be updated with discussions about unsettled pain and more.

However, the brashness of his wording did not allow for much of a conversation to take place even if that was his intention. Some people feel all this craziness serves the purpose of feeding a publicity machine to whip up hype for his upcoming album, shoes, and clothing.

Ultimately, Dr. Phil may be right that Kanye is further empowering hate groups instead of empowering people to take control of their futures.

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