Kate Middleton: The Royally Hot Photos She Does Not Want You to See!

You'll likely never see Kate Middleton, a.k.a. the Duchess of Cambridge, in a bikini, or clubbing in the shortest of skirts, ever again.

For the rest of your life. This is reality. Given her status as wife of the future king, one cannot blame her or expect anything different.

After these private vacation images were published, especially, you knew Middleton's "minder" would shut 'em down in the future.

Which we get. We really do. It's just part of growing up.

Given the unique circumstances Catherine has found herself in, her less restrained days of yore may as well be another lifetime.

While Meghan Markle's personal Instagram may one day come back, now that she's found freedom, Middleton's never existed.

Nor will it. And that's completely fine. You have to respect it.

Unless your name starts with "Kard" and ends with "ashian" you prolly don't want these kindsa pics on the web if you can avoid it.

Yet it's still kind of a shame, because Kate has it goin' on!

Wow! Seriously, check this out …

1.Pippa Middleton Bikini Photo

2.Kate Middleton in a Bikini

3.Kate Middleton, Bikini

4.Kate Middleton Bikini Picture

5.Kate Middleton Bikini Photo

6.Kate Middleton, Bikini, Prince William

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