Keith Urban Shares Secret of His Marriage to Nicole Kidman

The country star and the ‘Big Little Lies’ actress recently celebrated 12 years of marriage.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman do “whatever it takes” to keep their marriage on track.

The couple celebrated 12 years of marriage on Monday, June 25, and speaking at the recent 2018 CMA Music Festival, Keith admitted he and his wife are no different to any other married couple, “trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work”.

“Trying to balance work and family life is challenging for everyone, and it’s no different for us,” he said, suggesting successful unions are all about commitment.

“We’re very, very in it as a couple,” The Fighter singer added. “We’re very awake, very present and very in love.

“When it does go out of balance, we fix it quickly. We do whatever we’ve got to do. We travel, we do whatever it takes to not be apart.”

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