Kelly Ripa Flirts With Her Husband On Instagram Before Ryan Seacrest Ruins Their Moment

Ryan Seacrest is the ultimate third wheel! The talk-show host joined a flirting session between Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, and it’s hilarious! Check it out!

We all have that one friend. You know, the one who tags along on ALL your dates. Well, Ryan Seacrest is that friend to Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos. That is, if you count Instagram flirting. When Mark posted an adorable throwback photo of himself as a baby on April 20, his wife Kelly commented, “I know that look…….” And Mark, who in the photo is adorably gazing into what may be his mother or grandmother eyes, responded with, “I know you do…” But, before we could take in their sweet exchange, Ryan joined the conversation by saying, “I know that look too….” So funny, right? Take a look at the photo below!

Although we’re uncertain if Kelly and Mark were trying to be intimate, it’s clear Ryan didn’t want to be left out! And TBH, we don’t blame him. After 22 years of marriage, Kelly and Mark are STILL couple goals. In fact, they proved how perfect they are when Mark took to Instagram to defend his gorgeous wife after trolls dissed her bikini body back in March. If you recall, Mark posted a hot pic of Kelly while on vacation, and unfortunately, she got body shamed. “I posted this pic of the women I most admire. As a playful tribute to my wife who I’m proud of in endless ways. She works extremely hard in her professional life and her commitment to exercise, healthy diet is admirable and the benefits show,” Mark said.

“Yes, she’s wearing a bikini at age 47 and will no doubt wear one for many years to come. If that offends you in some way, if it triggers you, or some other psychosis you’re suffering from, I suggest you get over it and get used to it,” Mark continued. What a man! No wonder Ryan is such a fan!

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