Ken Jeong, Actor, Comedian & Doctor, Aids Woman Who Had Seizure During Live Performance

Ken Jeong was able to wear his doctor pants again, quickly acting to aid an audience member who was suffering from a seizure.

Ken Jeong not only portrayed a doctor on TV, but he is one in real life. While working as a doctor in the mid-1990s, Jeong worked on his comedy career in his spare time. And while fans are grateful for his transition into comedy, one fan, in particular, is appreciative of his medical background.

As TMZ reported, Ken Jeong leaped into action during his recent stand-up show and assisted a woman having a seizure. The multi-talented comedian was doing a set in Phoenix, Arizona, at Stand Up Live, on Saturday night. During the beginning of his act, a woman in the third row started convulsing.

Reportedly, the comedian first thought the woman was a heckler. The audience made it clear that the woman was having a seizure, and Dr. Ken swiftly acted. He leaped off the stage, rushed to her side, and began to help the woman during her seizure.

As PopCutlure documented,Ken Jeong requested that the audience clear the area to give him room. Another audience member, an EMT, assisted the doctor. The pair stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived.

The woman came to, Jeong helped her to her feet, and she was taken to a nearby hospital. The helpful comedian took his spot back on stage, quickly acknowledged the incident by saying he was “happy to be able to help.” The audience gave him a huge ovation, and then he continued his routine.

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Ken Jeong has been keeping busy by not only doing stand-up, and assisting audience members who need medical attention, but he also has a few movies in the works. Alongside Constance Wu, the heroic actor co-stars in the upcoming comedy Crazy Rich Asians. The film is about three wealthy Chinese families preparing for the wedding of the year, and it is set to be released on August 17, 2018.

The actor also has two films in post-production—Elsewhere co-starring Parker Posey and Beau Bridges, and Departures featuring Maisie Williams and David Koechner—and he is currently filming Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween, Wonder Park, and Boss Level.

With so many movies in the works, it’s clear Ken Jeong has mastered the art of multi-tasking; a trait that one fan is probably very grateful for.

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