Khloe Kardashian Face-Shamed Again: You Look SCARY!!!

Fans have followed Khloe Kardashian’s weird transformation this year with horror.

This time, they’re labeling her altered facial features as nothing short of “scary.”

Despite facing a lot of criticism, Khloe has a tremendous fanbase that helped to make her the success that she is today.

Part of that fanbase is apparently whoever votes in People’s Choice Awards.

Khloe won the 2020 Reality Television Star award, and took to Twitter to thank fans for voting for her.

Khloe posted a video to Twitter for her followers to see her appreciation for the award.

“This is really awkward but I am honestly and truthfully, no bulls–t,” Khloe began.

She raved that she “can not believe that you guys did this.”

“You guys picked me to win a People’s Choice Award,” Khloe acknowledged in the video.

She gushed: “I literally have no words. I feel so honored. I am so grateful.”

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘wait, what? why?” Khloe remarked. “It’s so baffling to me.”

You can see that video for yourself, as we included it in this post.

But while so many of her fans and followers were happy for her, others were too distracted to pay attention to her acceptance speech.

Instead, they were focused on her face … or more accurately, how she had distorted her actual face for the video.

“Why this woman tweeting from Khloe’s account?” asked one tweeter.

“Your face and Michael Jackson‘s look extremely similar now,” observed another. “I guess if it makes you happy though that’s all that matters.” 

Another insisted that Khloe “calm down on whatever you’re doing to your face.”

“Is it me or is the chin dripping,” asked another reply.

A follower commented: “Looking like a beauty blender with hair and eyes.”

“She too pretty to mess up her face … leave it alone khloe,” begged another fan.

“Girllllll what happened to your face?????” exclaimed another. “Your chin, nose, eyes, omg. Scary.”

“Well atleast her daughter can continue to look like the dad,” wrote another. “I’m shocked at the chin it’s actually scary.”

“What is going on with your face sis!?! This is scary!” reads another tweet.

It may sound like they are shaming Khloe for her facial features or even for cosmetic procedures or her makeup job.

But that is not the case.

Khloe’s radically altered appearance is not real — she has simply facetuned herself beyond recognition.

We’re not sure why Khloe has been doing this so much this year.

Maybe it’s the pandemic, and Khloe hasn’t had the professional makeup work that she likes so she makes do.

Or maybe she is simply excited, as someone who has struggled for years with her looks despite her beauty, to modify her appearance.

Everyone has every right to look however they like. It’s Khloe’s flesh prison and we want it to look however she wants.

Unfortunately, the facetune effect that Khloe seems to favor warps her beyond recognition and is jarring to many of her fans and followers.

Khloe is a beautiful woman. We just wish that she knew that as well as her fans do.

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