Kim K Wants Kanye To ‘Rough Tristan Up’ Amid Cheating Scandal: It’s The ‘Punishment He Deserves’

A report has surfaced that Kim Kardashian is so furious with Tristan Thompson over the cheating claims he’s facing, she wants her hubby Kanye West to step in!

Tristan Thompson‘s, 27, place among Kardashians fans appears to be permanently tarnished following numerous cheating allegations surfacing just as his GF Khloe Kardashian, 33, welcomed their first child on April 12. Although we’re hearing that Khloe is attempting to be civil with Tristan and allowing him to spend time with his newborn daughter Baby True, a new report has surfaced that her older sis Kim Kardashian, 37, is seething over the scandal! She’s even hoping her husband Kanye West, 40, confronts Tristan!

“It’s no secret that Kim thinks none of the other Kardashian men could ever match up to Kanye, but she’s also very protective of her sisters,” a source revealed to Radar Online. “She’s made it pretty clear that if Kanye gave Tristan a piece of his mind and roughed him up a bit, she’d be all for it… If Khloe is going to give him a second chance, then Kim and Kanye will step in and make sure Tristan gets the punishment he deserves.” Kimmie is coming for Tristan!

The insider added that the rapper isn’t close with Tristan, and now that the Kardashians are his family, he’s ready to defend them! “Kanye doesn’t know the guy very well and he usually goes along with whatever Kim tells him to do,” they shared. “He’s happy to help her show Tristan that he’s messing with the wrong family!”

Their source also relayed that, regardless of how things play out between Khloe and Tristan, Kim is done with the pro baller. “Kim watched what happened with Lamar and she refuses to sit back while Khloe is treated badly all over again,” the insider relayed. “She’s tired of Khloe making excuses and won’t stand for it. It doesn’t matter if Khloe stays with him – Kim will never accept him as part of the family.”

Currently, Khloe is reportedly living at Tristan’s Cleveland home while recovering from the pregnancy with True. Meanwhile the NBA player is staying at a hotel nearby when he isn’t out of town for playoff games.

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