Kim Kardashian Admits Chicago’s Name ‘Messes’ With Her: The Names She Almost Chose Instead

Turns out, Kim Kardashian originally had wildly different names picked out for baby Chicago West — and they’re shockingly normal. Watch Kim reveal them here & explain why Chi’s name still ‘messes’ with her!

As soon as Kim Kardashian, 37, announced the birth of her and Kanye West‘s, 40, third child in January, fans eagerly waited for the two to reveal her name. It wasn’t long before fans found out Kimye named the cutie Chicago West — Chi (pronounced “Shy”) for short. Of course fans had plenty to say about the unique choice, as most thought it was completely ridiculous. Speaking out for the first time about her and Kanye’s choice, Kim shared why they chose Chicago as the name — and why they almost DIDN’T!

Kim appeared on the April 30 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, getting honest about Chicago’s birth, her surrogate, AND her name! Getting straight to it, Ellen DeGeneres, 60, addressed the fact that Kim had previously told her she wanted the new baby to have a one-syllable name. “So her name is Chicago but you told me you wanted a one-syllable name…” Ellen said on her talkshow. “I did,” Kim replied. “So Chicago is not one syllable…” Ellen challenged. With that, Kim began to explain. 

“It kind of messes with me, I’m not going to lie,” the mom-of-three confessed. “I really like the one syllable thing.” When asked if she had other names picked out, Kim admitted that it really came down to two monikers — and neither one was the final choice! “It was between…we were going to name her Jo because of my grandma, Mary Jo,” Kim said. “So we were going to go with Jo, or we were going to go with Grace. And then it was Chicago. We ended up with Chicago.”

Trying to get to the bottom of it, Ellen asked, “Because Kanye wanted Chicago? Because he’s from Chicago?” “Umm…I don’t even know how the name…I mean, obviously because he’s from Chicago,” Kim explained. “But that is a place that made him, and a place that he remembers his family from.” The star then shared that Kanye was really hoping to honor his mother directly with their third child’s name. “He really wanted his mother’s name, and I love that name too, I just wasn’t sure…it’s so much to live up to,” Kim said. 

Kanye’s late mom was named Donda, which Kim admitted is also not in the one-syllable category. “I just felt like Chicago was cool and different,” she said, as Ellen agreed that it IS cool and different. “We call her Chi. So it’s North, Saint, and Chi.” In the same interview, Kim revealed that while she was in the room with Kourtney Kardashian, 39, when Chicago was born via surrogate, Kanye was next door playing Connect Four with friends!

“When the baby came out, I made Kourtney be in the room. We had a connecting room and Kanye was in there playing Connect Four with his friends and not really paying attention,” Kim said. “And I was like, ‘Kourtney, I need you to be here with me.’ …You know it’s your sister, you need a support system!” Usually that support system is your husband, but hey, whatever works! Most importantly, the birth went super smooth, and Kim would recommend surrogacy to anyone who’s interested. 

“Anyone that has ever been considering surrogacy, I always said, ‘Wait until I’m done, I want to see what this birthing experience is like,’” Kim told Ellen. “[It was] the best experience! The moment she was getting the epidermal I was like, ‘Thank God this is not me.’ It was so easy.” 

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