Kim Kardashian compares her body-shaped perfume bottle to ‘a statue in a museum’

Kim Kardashian has finally given fans a sneak peek at her new KKW Body perfume bottle, which was precisely molded from her own naked figure.

In an Instagram video Kardashian shared on Wednesday, the beauty mogul, 37, compared her new scent’s packaging to art: “I thought this was such a cool box within itself, that the bottle is on a statue pedestal, like a statue in a museum,” she says in the clip.

For those looking to own their very own Kardashian nude, the as-yet-unpriced KKW Body launches on April 30th. The fragrance features fruity and floral top notes, a heart of rose and jasmine, and woodsy base notes like sandalwood and vetiver.

Kardashian has also revealed that controversial artist (and frequent Kanye West collaborator) Vanessa Beecroft was involved in the scent’s campaign. Back in 2016, Beecroft told New York magazine that Kardashian was responsible for kicking her off of West’s payroll; apparently, the two have since made amends.
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