Kris Jenner testifies Blac Chyna threatened to kill Kylie Jenner

Kris Jenner claims she heard Blac Chyna threatened to kill Kylie Jenner … as Chyna says she holds no grudge against Kylie over her relationship with Tyga in $100M lawsuit against Kardashians and Jenners

  • Chyna, 33, has sued Kris, 66, Kylie, 24, Kim Kardashian, 41, and Khloé Kardashian, 37, in $100M suit in LA 
  • She claims they sabotaged her career and caused her E! show Rob and Chyna to be canceled 
  • Kris told the court Kylie and ex Tyga, 32, had told her Chyna had threatened to kill Kylie 
  • She said: ‘That basically was what Kylie and Tyga told me’ 
  • Chyna earlier testified that she had no hard feelings against Kylie for dating her ex Tyga after their 2014 split 
  • Tyga and Kylie publicly acknowledged their relationship in August of 2015 and parted ways in 2017 
  • Chyna said: ‘I have, like, no ill will against none of the ladies, actually’ 
  • Chyna also testified that Kim broke off their friendship because of Kylie dating Tyga 

Kris Jenner said she was made aware of a death threat Blac Chyna made against her daughter Kylie Jenner while she testified Thursday in the trial in Chyna’s $100 million lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. 

Kris, 66, was asked by Chyna’s lawyers if Chyna, 33, ever threatened to kill Kylie, 24, which she initially said she didn’t recall, TMZ reported, in another shocking takeaway from the trial in Chyna’s lawsuit against Kris and her daughters Kylie, Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian.

When the attorney showed Kris an earlier deposition with the allegation, Kris said she was told by Kylie and her ex-boyfriend Tyga, 32, that Chyna had made the threats, and told the lawyer to ask them about the specifics.

The latest: Kris Jenner, 66, said she was made aware of a death threat Blac Chyna, 33, made against her daughter Kylie Jenner, 24, while she testified Thursday in the trial in Chyna’s $100 million lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court

‘That basically was what Kylie and Tyga told me,’ Kris said. ‘Kylie was dating Tyga at the time – I believe that’s where this aggression was coming from.’

‘I probably thought it was just some drama, which I’m used to,’ said Kris, who added she assumed the threat wasn’t to be taken seriously. 

Under questioning from Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, Kris told the court that she had also heard that Chyna physically abused Tyga when they were together years earlier.

‘I just heard that he was physically abused and fought with her a lot and I thought there was a knife cut on his arm,’ she said.

Chyna on Thursday was seen leaving the Los Angeles court as she was a passenger in a black BMW 

Chyna was depicted on the stand in a courtroom sketch earlier this week 

Asked by Ciani what her reaction was to learning later that her son Rob Kardashian, 35, had started dating, and then got engaged to, the woman who had allegedly threatened Kylie and attacked Tyga, Kris said she ‘wasn’t concerned.’

She said Rob and Chyna’s relationship ‘was rocky,’ adding, ‘I love second chances and I wanted them to win. I just wanted my son to be happy. He seemed happy so I was hoping for the best for them.’

Kris said she was ‘excited’ by the couple’s engagement, which prompted Ciani to say, ‘You were excited your son was engaged to a woman who threatened to kill your daughter?’ to which Kris said, ‘I wouldn’t put it like that.’

The shocking testimony came a day after Blac Chyna told the court Wednesday that she harbored no hard feelings against Kylie over her relationship with her ex Tyga. Chyna was asked under oath if she held ‘a grudge’ against Kylie for dating Tyga – after she and the rap artist parted ways in August of 2014 – and she said, ‘No, not at all,’ Rolling Stone reported.

Tyga and Kylie publicly acknowledged their relationship in August of 2015 and parted ways in 2017.

(L-R) Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner were seen in a courtroom sketch attending the legal proceedings 

Kardashian attorney Michael Rhodes was seen alongside  Kim Kardashian in this courtroom sketch 

The Lashed Cosmetics owner – who shares son King Cairo, nine, with Tyga, as well as daughter Dream, five, with former fiancé Rob, 35 – was asked by Kardashian lawyer Michael G. Rhodes, ‘She took your boyfriend, right?’ and said in response, ‘No. I have, like, no ill will against none of the ladies, actually.’

Chyna also said in court Wednesday that she had been friendly for years with Kim, Mirror reported, but that ended when Kylie and Tyga commenced in their romance.

‘Kim reached out to me and said she could not be friends with me anymore because Kylie was dating my ex-fiancé,’ she told the court.

According to the AP, the Washington, D.C. native testified on Thursday that she was not personally aware of any specific actions Kim, 41, or Khloé, 37, took that impacted her career, saying, ‘Everything to my face was all good.’

Chyna, whose full name is Angela Renée White, filed the suit against Kylie, Kim, Khloé and Kris, 66, over claims they sought to ruin her show business career and force her show Rob & Chyna off the air in 2016.

Chyna and Tyga were seen in LA in February of 2014 during the time they were dating 

Tyga and Kylie publicly acknowledged their relationship in August of 2015 and parted ways in 2017. They were seen in NYC in 2016 

Chyna’s attorney Ciani told US Weekly in October of 2020 that she had sought ‘millions in compensatory and punitive damages from’ the quarter over ‘defamation, intentional interference with contract, and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage.

The Kardashians and Jenners have denied the accusations and tried in vain to have the case thrown out of court. 

Kris told the jury Thursday that as executive producer of Rob and Chyna, she negotiated with E! for the couple to each receive $92,500 for a seventh episode of season one, which was a one-hour special on the birth of their daughter Dream. She said that she also negotiated an additional $200,000 fee which was to go into a savings account for Dream.

 Kris told the court that she was not aware of any filming being done for Rob and Chyna season two, or NBCUniversal (E!’s parent company) green-lighting season two, or that E! made an announcement that they were picking up season two.

Rhodes said in a Tuesday hearing that E! had decided on its own to cancel Rob and Chyna, with no interference from the family.

Rhodes said the network was wary of the problematic relationship between Rob and Chyna, who have made allegations of physical abuse toward one another in regards to their relationship which lasted from January 2016 until July 2017.

Chyna and Rob Kardashian were snapped in Las Vegas in May of 2016 

The former couple was seen at a May 2016 event in Hollywood, California 

Chyna opened up on the circumstances behind her moving into a home Kylie owned for a few weeks in December of 2016, saying in testimony, ‘The whole time Rob and I were together, the biggest thing he wanted us to do was to live together.

‘So finally I let my guard down – my guard and my pride – and I moved into Kylie’s house, with Rob, so we could be a family.’

Chyna also said in testimony that she moved from the home Kylie owned in December, but remained engaged to Rob amid troubled times in their relationship.

In other details gleaned from Thursday’s proceedings, Blac Chyna said in testimony that she hasn’t filed taxes since 2018 or 2019, and doesn’t have any bank accounts to her name, TMZ reported. 

While under questioning from Rhodes, Chyna said that 2015 marked the last year she had filed taxes personally, and that her filings in recent years were for her companies Lashed LLC, 88 Fin and Blac Chyna Inc. She said her sources of income in recent years have come from personal appearances and an OnlyFans account.

Chyna also delivered testimony regarding Rob’s posting of naked pictures of her on Instagram in 2017, which led to her seeking a restraining order against the sock designer. 

‘It was the only way I could stop him from posting pictures of me on the Internet,’ she said when asked if she had sought court intervention in an effort to garner publicity, according to the outlet.

When asked about appearing on Good Morning America after filing the paperwork with the court, Chyna said she ‘wanted everyone to hear [her] side of the story.

‘I was already public,’ she said. ‘I’m supposed to just not say anything and take it? He posted nudes of my entire body.’

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