Kristen Bell Plans to Continue Bringing Very Real Conversation via ‘Shattered Glass’ Podcast

Following the footsteps of her husband Dax Shepard in launching audio series, the ‘Frozen’ star surprises fans with the release of her podcast’s first instalment on June 23.

AceShowbiz -Actress Kristen Bell has joined the family podcasting business by launching her own audio series as an offshoot of husband Dax Shepard‘s hit show “Armchair Expert”.

The “Frozen (2013)” star surprised fans and followers by dropping the first instalment of “Shattered Glass” on Wednesday, June 23 which, like her man’s top-rated podcast, is co-hosted by close pal Monica Padman.

“We often talk about the cracks in the ceilings and how we can make more accomplishments and opportunities available, not just to ourselves but to other women,” Kristen explains, referencing the 10-episode program’s symbolic title.

“We often talk about how we’re representing ourselves as businesswomen, and then Monica had this ingenious idea. She was like, ‘Wait, we have microphones and recording equipment [because of Armchair Expert] and access [to people]. Why don’t we talk to some women and not just see how they did it, but hear what they think about life and themselves and other women and relationships and mistakes?’ “

Bell emphasizes that though the two ladies are best pals, they plan to keep the show’s tone strictly “real” and serious.

“A very real conversation,” she adds, “that’s what we’re bringing to the table here. We think, we hope.”

The first episode of “Shattered Glass”, featuring revered author and activist Gloria Steinem, is available now at Armchair Expert Pod. Bell has since shared he excitement via Instagram by posting, “I had an absolute blast with my best friend Monica talking to our heroes, and I’m excited to introduce you to #ShatteredGlass!”

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