Lance Bass and husband officially on the road to fatherhood

Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin are on the fast track to parenthood.

“Just last week, [we] really started the process,” Bass, 38, told Entertainment Tonight recently. “So we’re excited, and it’s going a lot faster than we ever thought, which is kind of freaking me out.”

As the NSYNC member describes, he and his hubby are getting down to the details.

“I thought we had a good, like, year to really choose things, but it’s happening so fast,” he quipped. “I mean, we’ve met with surrogates, we’re looking at eggs, we now have the person representing us, and contracts are being made, and it’s such a process that we had no idea existed. But it’s also fascinating too. It’s already amazing.”

Bass, who is planning to go out of orbit with NASA, married Turchin in a TV special in December 2014.

He shared his enthusiasm to become a parent with Turchin, 31, telling the site, “I mean, the reason I wanted to get married to this guy is I know he’ll be an amazing dad.”

While Bass didn’t talk numbers, or if he and Turchin would like more than one kid, he previously said the process costs roughly $50,000 per child.

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