Liam Gallagher fans fight each other during 2-hour bar queue at Finsbury Park

Fights broke out at a Liam Gallagher gig when fans lost their tempers queueing up for two hours in sweltering heat to get a drink.

And later as crowds left the event at Finsbury Park in North London, they trampled fencing to avoid being crushed due to “really dangerous” numbers.

With airport-style security, organisers had banned people from taking bottles of water into the park. They were then charged £3 for water on one of the hottest days of the year.

Festival Republic, who organised the event, which featured performances by Oasis legend Liam on Friday, and Queens Of The Stone Age on Saturday, now face demands for refunds.

After Friday’s gig. Michael Dugher, CEO of campaigning group UK Music, tweeted: “The worst crowd management I have ever witnessed at a gig or any event tonight.

“Fences being trampled down by heaving crowds, forced out of bottleneck emergency exits. At one point it looked really dangerous.

“Stewards, security and police totally lost control.”

BBC political reporter Iain Watson said: “Funnelling thousands of people towards one exit was a near disaster.

“If fences hadn’t been trampled and an emergency exit opened it would most likely have been an actual disaster. Hopefully everyone is safe.”

Fans, who paid £60 a ticket, were fuming over a lack of bar staff.

Even those who had paid extra for access to the “VIP” bar, faced an hour-long wait.

NME writer Dan Stubbs called the event a “beer-free, desert hell”.

Music fan Adam Widle said: “Oh my, the organisation of yesterday was a shambles. 2 hours for a beer. No joke.

“Blistering heat and not much water.”

Festival Republic did not respond to our requests for a comment.

A spokeswoman for Haringey Council, which gave them a licence for the event and for the this weekend’s Wireless Festival, said: “Additional measures for leaving the park were put in place for Saturday’s event, which went well.

“We are satisfied with the measures Festival Republic have put in place for Wireless.”

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