Linda Lusardi celebrates New Year's Eve with family after Covid battle

‘So glad I’m here to see 2021’: Linda Lusardi shares sweet family snap as she celebrates New Year’s Eve… after being at ‘death’s door’ with Covid-19

Linda Lusardi has said she’s ‘glad I’m here to see 2021’ while celebrating New Year’s Eve with her family following her harrowing coronavirus battle. 

The former glamour model, 62, and her husband Sam Kane, 51, both contracted the virus in March, with the star saying she was left at ‘death’s door’.

Marking the end of a difficult 12 months, Linda took to Instagram on Thursday to share a sweet family with their two children Lucy, 24, and Jack, 21. 

‘Glad I’m here to se 2021’: Linda Lusardi has shared her happiness at being able to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her family after battling coronavirus during the summer

Linda looked radiant in the group shot as she donned a black dress with a shining silver detail over one side of her ample cleavage. 

The beauty wore her long brunette locks down, letting them cascade over her shoulders, as she wrapped an arm around her husband and daughter. 

She penned: ‘So happy to see the new year in with my family. Glad I’m here to see 2021 love @toffee1968 @lucy_kane @jackkane’  

Clearly delighted to be celebrating, Linda took to Instagram to explain her plans for the night, saying: ‘We’re having a little mini party, just the four of us, in our lounge and we’re looking forward to seeing the BACK of 2020.’ 

Looking forward: Linda said the whole family were ‘looking forward to seeing the BACK of 2020’ as she took to Instagram 

Linda was hospitalised for 10 days and required oxygen and was attached to a drip during her terrifying ordeal with coronavirus in 2020.  

The Dancing on Ice star suffered from severe chest pain, fever and vomiting and at times hoped she would not wake up.

After her ordeal, Linda revealed how she was coping with the impact of having had coronavirus and said her hair had started to fall out. 

The star also revealed her husband Sam, 51, who was hospitalised at the same time as her with the virus, was suffering from heart palpitations. 

Ordeal: The former glamour model was left at ‘death’s door’ during her coronavirus battle (pictured while battling the virus) 

The former Page 3 girl made a miracle recovery despite being ‘at death’s door’ but she still isn’t fully back to normal. 

She told The Sun in August: ‘Sam’s had heart palpitations quite badly, and he’s under a cardiologist at the moment. They can’t see anything specifically wrong. 

‘I’ve had some hair loss which has been a bit distressing. I still haven’t got the energy I had before although I’m getting there. Every week’s a bit better.’

Linda’s children, Lucy, 24, and Jack, 21, have also struggled with the family’s double scare. 

She said: ‘The mental trauma of it has touched us all even though it was me who was sick. My children had to deal with the fact they might lose both of us and then me, and the mental effect it’s had on us has been very traumatic really.’ 

Battle: Linda has also revealed how she was coping with the impact of having had coronavirus and said her hair had started to fall out (pictured in hospital earlier this year)  

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