Lisa Snowdon stuns in a simple black and white striped bikini

Lisa Snowdon stuns in a simple black and white striped bikini as she shares a ‘self care’ routine from her SHOWER with fans on Instagram

Lisa Snowdon wore nothing but a skimpy bikini this morning as she shared her top tips for looking after your skin in the morning.

The 49-year-old TV personality posted an eight-minute ‘selfcare Sunday’ video on her Instagram account yesterday.

In the video, Lisa looked stunning as she wore nothing but a black and white striped bikini while preparing for the tutorial. 

Self care: Lisa Snowdon stunned on Sunday in a simple black and white striped bikini as she shared a ‘self care’ routine from her shower with fans on Instagram 

Dry brush rub: The TV personality shared her top tips to help fans look after their bodies in the morning

The Instagram post was captioned: ‘Good Morning and happy Sunday! 

‘Quick and easy early morning routine to get your skin tingling and body buzzing!!’

In the video, Lisa said that she had donned her bikini for the first time in a while so that she could teach fans how to perform an effective dry body rub. 

One of her top tips for fans was to make sure that they stroked their brushes towards their heart to help with detoxing their body. 

Shower power: Wearing nothing but a simple black and white striped bikini, Lisa offered a morning routine to her fans

All over: Lisa told her fans to make sure they dry brush rub across their entire body to help with detoxing

Showering off: After her brush routine, Lisa then showered off to complete the morning routine tutorial

Lisa’s latest Instagram post comes after an exclusive interview with MailOnline in which she lockdown said has made people realise they no longer need to alter their looks – and she prefers to ’embrace’ signs of ageing.

She said she doesn’t want to ‘eradicate’ her wrinkles by having cosmetic procedures and she was desperate to intervene as so many young girls with ‘beautiful skin’ opted for Botox.

In an exclusive interview, the former model said she feels ‘positively’ about her upcoming 50th birthday because she doesn’t view the milestone age as a ‘looming deadline.’

Leg up: Another tip Lisa offered her fans was to move the brush from the outer edges of her body towards her heart

All over: One tip for her fans was to make sure that they brushed all over their body, including their armpits

Lisa said: ‘It’s down to the individual if they want to go down that route but I think there are other things you can do to improve the tone and texture of your skin with slightly less downtime.

‘It’s about skin health and not about eradicating lines it’s about softening them and hydrating them and working with good ingredients to feed the skin.

‘That was a trend for a while which was quite alarming, especially because the girls were so young, I used to think “oh my God, you’re so young, your skin is so beautiful”, especially when it was a lot of makeup as well. I would think “let your beautiful, natural skin shine through.”

‘But the trend has shifted and the pandemic has taught us how to be a bit introspective and grateful for the smaller things and not being so obsessed with trying to change our appearance. I am all about enhancing what you’ve got in a natural way.’

Towelling off: At the end of the video, Lisa wrapped a towel around her waste, leaving just her bikini top on show

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