Logan Paul Quits Daily Vlogging, Stops Making YouTube Videos

Logan Paul is known for daily vlogging for, like, ever…ya know, aside from when he took a YouTube break after the suicide video controversy. But you know what they say — all annoying good things must come to an end.

The 23-year-old announced he is done making daily videos for this point on

He explained, “We have started a movement in the form of Maverick… but I attribute most of my success to not only working hard, but to do it different and look at a situation and be like, ‘Okay I see where everyone’s going, I see how the path has been paved, but how can I throw a bit of spice on it?’ So thank you. The vlog life has been absolutely incredible. It is the end of the daily vlogs. I have done a lot of vlogs, every day in a row and I’m blessed and I’m thankful.”

I call him… THE LION KONG ? @KongDaSavage

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LP decided to stop daily vlogging because he “wants to exercise his creativity in different ways,” including making music and pursuing other “business endeavors.” He’s also training to fight fellow YouTuber KSI on August 5 at Manchester Arena.

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