LOLz! Katy Perry Got The King & Queen To Do An Awkward Cameo On American Idol After Coronation!

American Idol might be the last show we’d expect to share a synergy crossover with the coronation of the next British monarch, but here we are!

As you know, both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were tapped to perform at the celebration for King Charles — and the judges quickly got the new king to return the favor with a special guest appearance on their show! Well, that or the King and Queen are huge fans and it was a favor to them!

We don’t know if this was some special arrangement with ABC or what, but in a taped segment surprising the live studio audience, Katy and Lionel welcomed Charles and Queen Camilla for a special cameo! In some awkward scripted banter, the British royalty made what might have been their first ever filmed appearance post-coronation to ask if Katy and Lionel could please leave now! LOLz!

But Charles isn’t bad, to be fair — the real low point is when Katy tries out her British accent… on the King and Queen. Oh no, why didn’t Orlando Bloom warn her not to do that??? He’s English, ffs!

Oh well, ch-ch-check out the wild moment from Sunday’s show for yourself (below)!

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