’Lonely’ Stephanie Davis replacing love with the gym

Just months ago, Stephanie Davis’ Instagram was flooded with adorable pictures of her one-year-old son with ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell.

But fast forward to now and those candid snaps of Caben have given way to videos of gruelling, three-hour gym sessions.

A pal close to Steph tells Now that, despite appearing to have moved on from Jez – who was found guilty of assaulting her last year – the 25-year-old former Hollyoaks star has merely swapped one unhealthy obsession for another.

‘Steph seems to be coping with not having a man in her 
life by getting her compliments and confidence boosts from comments about her on social media instead,’ our insider says. ‘It’s as if she’s developed an unhealthy obsession with ultra-long gym workouts and is using that, and body sculpting, as a crutch to help her fill the void and loneliness she’s experiencing 
as a single mum.’


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Steph is telling 
her 838k Instagram followers that she’s feeling the best she ever has – physically and mentally – but she’s using the same social media for 
positive reinforcement.


‘You can see she 
gets a real kick when someone compliments her,’ the pal says. ‘At the same time, you can see it putting her mood right down again if someone says something negative.’

While her family and friends are pleased the gym has helped Steph out of the rut that had her hiding away in a bedroom at 
her mum’s house, our source says there are deeper issues at play.


Having confessed 
to having Botox and fillers in the past, Now understands there are fears Steph could be 
on a slippery slope 
and considering more serious surgery – bum, tummy and thigh-shaping treatments.

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Her pal reveals, ‘It’s like she’s never satisfied with how she looks. Everyone close to her is warning her to cut back but she’s determined that these surgeries offer her the chance to get her “old body” back, fast.’

We just hope she doesn’t 
lose herself in the process.

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