Lorraine Kelly: ‘I found out from her that my parents are swingers,’ Roman Kemp recalls

Capital FM star Roman Kemp, 26, said he found out his parents Martin Kemp, 58, and Shirlie Holliman, 57, were releasing a swing album from their television interview with Lorraine Kelly, 59.

In a conversation with presenter Alex Zane as part of Samsung KX’s Thread Talk, the pair discussed news they had found out on social media.

Alex said to Roman: “I found when your parents announced on Lorraine Kelly’s show they were releasing an album together, your reaction on Twitter was, ‘Oh my God’.”

He then asked the DJ: “Do you find out family news on Twitter?”

I think it deserved the ‘Oh my God’

Roman Kemp

Roman replied: “I do find out a lot of family news on Twitter, like my Dad is gigging around the UK – I can constantly see what he’s doing from his Twitter.

“But this was mental because my parents are releasing a swing album right…

“So Lorraine Kelly… to the nation… I found out from Lorraine that my parents are swingers – so I think it deserved the ‘Oh my God’.”

Martin and Shirlie spoke to the host about their new album In The Swing Of It last month.

Speaking of their new venture, the singer said: “Shirlie and I have been together for 40 years, but we have never made music together.

“But over the summer, we’ve been working with a 40-piece swing orchestra and we put together this album.”

Speaking of creating their album cover, Martin’s wife went on to say: “It was such an amazing day to be that glamorous and wearing a Jenny Packham dress, I was in my element.”

The former EastEnders actor added: “Words that we sing to each other are words that we say to each other, and it’s kind of like this open love letter that everybody can look in on our relationship.”

The presenter then insisted she was shocked that the duo hadn’t released music together sooner, to which Shirlie agreed.

Elsewhere, Lorraine Kelly was recently left red-faced during an interview with Piers Morgan.

Jokingly taking over her show, the Good Morning Britain presenter mimicked her Scottish accent as he said to the camera: “Hello.

“Now don’t adjust your televisions, this is the Lorraine show, just not as you know it.

“Because, I’m turning the tables on your favourite, beloved queen of television Lorraine as we celebrate her 35th anniversary in broadcasting.

“Today, she is the star guest of her own show, so welcome queen Lorraine Kelly,” he declared as the presenter sat in the hot seat.

As a montage was shown to viewers, the presenter was left shocked when a revealing photo from her past was revealed.

“No, please no!” she yelped in embarrassment, as Piers laughed.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 8.30am on ITV.

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