Love Island fans turn on Leanne as she’s branded ’disrespectful’

The star had been coupled up with Mike since the show started just over two weeks ago and the pair had been firm favourites with fans.

But Leanne did a 360 last night, claiming Mike had given her the “ick,” before bluntly telling him,”I just don’t like you.”


Her admission came after Leanne told the girls, “I don’t want him to be around, I feel like I’ve got the ick I don’t want him to kiss me.”

Following on from that conversation Leanne pulled Michael for a chat and told him how she was feeling – leaving Twitter fans calling her “disrespectful” for the way she handled the situation.

“Leanne. Wow, what is this delivery?! So disrespectful. Mike hasn’t behaved in the type of way to deserve that. She just fumbled the wholeeeeee bag cause that’s just too rude. #LoveIsland,” said one fan of the hit ITV2 show.

Another tweeted, “Nah Leanne you’re cancelled…How you grinnin up teeth whilst you’re talking a man down when he’s shown you exactly what you asked for #loveisland.”

Mike took the news on the chin but hinted that he felt “misled” by her behaviour. He said, “I made no secret of my feelings. A part of me feels, I don’t want to say misled, but maybe your actions…”

“A bit more clarity would be nice,” he admitted.

And Love Island viewers agreed that Leanne had led Micahel on: “Leanne is discombobulated, it’s never a problem kissing him and cuddling him in bed and she also picked him to stay in a couple with her, but you don’t like him?? Huh?? #loveisland.”

Another agreed, “Leanne definitely led Mike on. She said she wanted space and then cuddled and kissed him. Fine, she changed her mind but the way she addressed someone who’s been nothing but good to her, that’s just not on. Trash #LoveIsland.”

A third said, “When I said I wanted leanne to be ruthless, I didn’t mean go about it this way….lawd leanna you’re going home…..poor mike.”


Tonight’s episode will see another re-coupling in which the boys pick the girls. Whichever girl is not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island.

Could it be Leanne? We’ll have to wait and see!

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