Lucy Verasamy Twitter: ‘Seriously’ ITV weather star rants online over phone issue

Lucy Verasamy, 38, wasn’t happy with her mobile phone as she fumed to her 160,000 Twitter followers.

The ITV weather star asked why Google Maps always sends her in the wrong direction.

She wrote to her fans: “Why does google maps always, without fail, send you in the opposite direction initially? Seriously.”

Lucy’s followers answered her with many agreeing with her point of view.

Why does google maps always, without fail, send you in the opposite direction t

Lucy Verasamy

One person said: “I’m glad that happens to someone else. I thought it only happened to me. I have to do a 360° turn every time I start.”

Another quizzed: “Did you have your phone upside down?”

A third joked: “Go in the opposite direction to start with then your going the right way.”

Elsewhere on Twitter earlier this week, the star responded to a tweet stating Love Island had its highest viewing figures for the first episode.

The message read: “Launch show for @LoveIsland on @itv2 pulls in a massive 3.3m TV viewers with another 0.4m watching on non-TV devices #LoveIsIand.”

Lucy replied with the Love Island phrase: “It is what it is.”

Many of her 160,000 Twitter followers loved her hilarious reply with one person writing: “Haha that’s what we have been saying this morning on the office.”

Another said: “Has to be one of the most pointless sayings ever. Oh well, it is what it is I suppose.”

A third wasn’t impressed with Lucy’s Love Island reference and commented: “Had not seen it until last night but only had it on for 5 mins. What’s the point?”

Meanwhile, in a recent weather forecast Lucy said most parts of the UK will experience some rain today.

“Fine and dry across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland,” she said.

“But towards the end of the day there’s windy wet weather moving its way in from the near continent which will give a soaking elsewhere.”

Before working with ITV, Lucy began her career at the Press Association before she moved on to present the weather on Sky News breakfast show, Sunrise.

Lucy now presents the weather on ITV racing and delivers forecasts on the network on a daily basis.

Love Island airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am.

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