Mark Consuelos Fires Back At Kelly Ripa’s Bikini Body-Shamers Once Again: It’s ‘Bizarre’

Mark Consuelos doesn’t understand all the hate Kelly Ripa received after he posted a photo of her wearing a bikini at the beach. He called the body-shaming comments ‘bizarre’ while appearing on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’

Many women wear bikinis to the beach, but apparently Kelly Ripa, 47, isn’t allowed to be one of them. After Mike Consuelos posted a photo of her on vacation about a month ago, the Internet trolls came out to hate on her. Now, the couple spoke up about the “controversy” on the April 24 episode of Watch What Happens Live. When a caller asked how she felt about being criticized for not dressing more modestly, her husband gave the perfect response. “It was bizarre,” Consuelos told host Andy Cohen while he and his wife were appearing on the show together. “It’s like, what else are you supposed to wear at the beach?”

The Live With Kelly And Ryan star agreed completely. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to wear to the beach,” she said. “I mean, I don’t really know. I wasn’t in synagogue. I was at the beach. I mean, if you come up with an option, let me know.”

The photo in question showed the mom-of-three smiling in the ocean while wearing a red and white gingham bikini, sunglasses, and a wide brimmed hat. The Riverdale star captioned the image, “Sultry Sundays with the sexy one are my fave…” After sharing the image on March 25, people started leaving body-shaming comments, which Consuelos responded to a few days later.

Sultry Sundays with the sexy one are my fave…

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“I wanted to take a couple days to weigh in. Probably should’ve earlier arguably. But I wanted to be above it. Well, now I’m not. I posted this pic of the women I most admire,” he wrote in the comments section of the post. “As a playful tribute to my wife who I’m proud of in endless ways. She works extremely hard in her professional life and her commitment to exercise, healthy diet is admirable and the benefits show.. Yes she’s wearing a bikini at age 47 and will no doubt wear one for many years to come.”

He continued: “If that offends you in some way, if it triggers your, or some other psychosis you’re suffering from, I suggest you get over it and get used to it,” he continued. “To all the males that had something negative to say.. I suggest you bring it up with me if I’m ever lucky enough to run into you. I’m going to get back to my vacation now.. Thanks for allowing me to express myself.” He finished off the lengthy statement by saying, “I love you @kellyripa…keep killing it.” Now that’s how you shut down some haters! Thankfully, the post has since seen a spike of supportive, positive messages, because yes, Kelly should keep killing it.

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