Marnie Simpson takes drastic action to keep her bum pert after weight gain

Marnie Simpson recently hit back at bodyshamers saying she was happy with her healthy figure.

But that hasn’t stopped the Geordie Shore lass’ quest for the perfect bum as she shared a video on Wednesday after getting injections in her behind. Ouch!

Yup, we suggest you look away if your squeamish because the 26-year-old gave her followers a glimpse of the procedure which sees her bum becoming more pert as a needle injects her with filler.


Next to the snap of Marn’s bare bottom shared on her Instagram account, she claimed the fillers enhance her ‘natural curves’ and help her achieve a ’rounder shape’.

The Ex On The Beach star – who confessed to putting on ‘almost two stone’ after moving in with boyfriend Casey Johnson – admitted: ‘Everyone knows I’ve gained a lot of weight recently.

‘So this has helped me achieve a nicer shape without going under the knife.

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‘My bum was completely numb so I didn’t feel a thing and there is LITERALLY no down time or recovery. perfect !!!!’

Marnie’s video comes after she was forced to defend herself last week following a romantic holiday to Cyprus with X Factor star Casey.

While soaking up the sun with her beau, the CBB star was snapped looking relaxed and happy as the pair enjoyed their luxury getaway.

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Unfortunately, Geordie lass Marnie came back down to reality with a thud as soon as she returned when one cruel Twitter user branded her an ‘elephant’.

Sharing a snap of Marnie on holiday alongside a picture of an elephant, the Twitter user wrote: ‘It’s uncanny @marnie about time you laid off the milkshakes!???’

But the fiesty star wasn’t about to take the horrible comments lying down, as she quipped back: ‘Disgusting sorry I was trying to enjoy my holiday. I’m hardly an elephant I’m a healthy size 12! Grow up!’

You tell ’em, Marns!

Check out Marnie Simpson’s dramatic transformation HERE!

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