Matthew McConaughey details naked arrest and career in candid memoir

Matthew McConaughey details THAT naked arrest, his turbulent Oscar-winning career and Bobby Bandito in blistering memoir

Matthew McConaughey has reflected on his tumultuous Hollywood career, including a now-infamous brush with the law in 1999.

The actor, 50, who has reinvented himself in recent years by refusing rom-com roles in favour of more dramatic work, has published a candid memoir about his life, which looks back at his past indiscretions.

Matthew’s transformation from Hollywood bad boy to family man coincided with his change from starring in fluffy rom coms to hard hitting blockbusters, a move dubbed the ‘McConaissance’.  

Candid: Matthew McConaughey has reflected on his tumultuous Hollywood career, including his now-infamous brush with the law in 1999, after publishing his new memoir

The star is now happily married to Camila Alves and they have three children: Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, eight. 

Before Camila, the Texan was viewed as a bongo-playing, bong-toking free spirit who loved to play those drums in the nude while stoned on weed.

In 1999, a knock on his door was the police responding to the neighbour’s noise complaint. They found him stoned and naked with a bong nearby.

He resisted arrest and was hauled off to jail for resisting as well as on a marijuana possession.   

Infamous: Matthew was arrested by Austin, Texas police in October 1999 and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia

The charges were dropped eventually but he had to pay a fifty dollar fine for disturbing the peace, a mere drop in the bucket for the actor who was then earning $4 million a film.

He sang sing-alongs with his cellmates and even had T-shirts printed that read, ‘What part of naked bongo playing don’t you understand’? 

The actor was also linked to string of stunning actresses before settling down with wife Camila, including Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Renee Zellweger, Patricia Arquette and Penelope Cruz. 

Turbulent: After making his screen debut in 1993’s Dazed and Confused, Matthew’s career was on the rise until he was arrested naked by police after they stormed his home at 2am

Discussing his biography with The Times Magazine, Matthew revealed that his wild past stems from his unconventional childhood.  

Yet despite a tumultuous life he’s ‘more reliable that anyone in his family,’ having grown up with mum Kay and father Jim, who divorced twice and married three times.

In the interview, Matthew detailed his parents’ fiery marriage, including the moment his mother threatened her husband with a knife after making a flippant remark about his weight.

Only four years old at the time, he explained that this sort of behaviour was commonplace between his parents, and it wasn’t something he was typically shielded from.

Changing it up: The actor, who has reinvented himself in recent years by refusing rom-com roles in favour of more dramatic work, and won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club in 2014

He explained: ‘I mean, I had no context, maybe because I was four. My brother, Rooster, who’s older, he’d probably be like, ”Oh s**t, yeah. Seen that kind of stuff go down a lot.”

Matthew also insisted that despite a few violent moments he grew up in a predominantly loving household, saying it ‘was part of the beauty of our family.’

Asked whether he’s a reliable narrator for his family in his memoir Greenlights, he added: ‘I’m much more reliable than anyone else in my family!’

For many years following his screen debut in 1993’s Dazed and Confused, Matthew was branded the ‘new Paul Newman’, but thanks to a slew of rom-com roles – and his brush with the law – he became better known for his shirtless persona. 

But Matthew explained that several years ago he ordered his agent to turn down anymore roles of that nature, and it did lead to fears his career would be over as the roles dried up.

He said: ‘I didn’t know how long it was going to go on. And it went on a pretty damn good amount of time. Long enough to become a new good idea. 

‘Eventually, people started wondering, ”Where is Shirtless-on-the-Beach?” Until two years later when these roles started to come in and then I just attacked them.’

Childhood: Discussing his biography with The Times Magazine, Matthew revealed that his wild past stems from his unconventional childhood

Matthew’s acclaimed performance in Dallas Buyers Club led to his Oscar win in 2014, and he has continued to appear in dramatic roles including True Detective and Interstellar.  

His next project is on animated film Sing 2, where he will reprise his voiceover role as koala, Buster Moon. 

During lockdown Matthew has become a viral sensation thanks to his PSA persona Bobby Bandito, a cowboy bounty hunter teaching Americans how to make a masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He’s currently quarantining at home in Austin, Texas, with Camila and their three children, alongside his mum Kay, now 88.  

Family man: Matthew is seen with wife Camila Alves, their three children,Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, eight, and his mother Kay in 2019

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