Meek Mill says he’s ‘in a daze’ in first interview since being freed on bail

Meek Mill said a prayer after he learned he had been freed on bail while watching the news in his jail cell on Tuesday, and told Page Six, “I’m in a daze, its unbelievable.”

The rapper spoke exclusively to Page Six as he raced to the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game in a car after his close friend, 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, personally picked him up at the jail and flew him on his personal helicopter into Philly to head to the arena.

In his first interview since being freed on bail, Meek said, “I am still dazed, I’m in a daze, this is great, and unbelievable.

“I always had confidence it was going this way, but I didn’t know when it would happen and I’d be free. It looked like it was going to take months more.”

Meek was permitted specific visiting times and phone calls by officials at the jail in Chester, and the Supreme Court notified his legal team of his bail outside of these permitted hours on Tuesday, so supporters couldn’t reach him with the good news.

Meek said of the moment he learned of his freedom, “I was in my cell and I was watching the news, and they said I’m free. I immediately said a quick prayer, and got ready to go.”

He added that he still had work to do to get his original conviction overturned, given that it was based on the evidence of an alleged corrupt cop, and to shine a light on others trapped in a failing criminal justice system.

But for tonight, he was ready to celebrate at the 76ers game. “We are on to see the Sixers game, and its going to be a big night for Philly. The team is going to advance, and I came home.”

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