Meghan Markle Lookalikes, Celebrity Doppelgangers

Pretty much every girl on the planet wants to be Meghan Markle right now. After having a successful career as an actress, the 37-year-old retired early to, you know, just MARRY A FREAKIN’ PRINCE! If that isn’t #LifeGoals, we don’t know what is.

As one of the faces of Great Britain, Meghan has to look on-point at all times. She never seems to have a hair out of place, and she always looks stunning. Anyone would kill to look like Meg, but there are a few lucky ladies who actually do! Click through the slideshow to see some of Meghan’s closest doppelgangers:

Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris might just be a regular girl from Arizona, but she has quite a famous doppelganger! The 33-year-old says she gets mistaken for Meghan almost every single day.

She told Metro, “If I had five dollars for everyone who has said I look like her over the last 12 months, I would be so rich.”

But Danielle doesn’t mind the comparison. “She’s so beautiful; I think it’s a huge compliment when people tell me we look alike,” she said. “It makes me laugh.”

Parisa Fitz-Henley

Lifetime did a pretty dang good job casting the movie Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance. Parisa Fitz-Henley, who plays Meghan in the film, really does look just like her!

Parisa said in an interview that the resemblance was so strong, even she mistakes herself for Meghan sometimes! She told KTLA, “When they do my makeup and my hair like her, I definitely have mixed up pictures of us.”

Cardi B

We never thought we’d be comparing Meghan to Cardi B, but here we are. Although the royal and the rapper live very different lives, one thing they do share is their physical appearance!

Once someone pointed out that the two looked alike, we couldn’t unsee it. We’re not sure what it is… the high cheekbones? The nose? The eyes? Whatever it is, we’re shook!

Camila Cabello

When Meghan showed up to her wedding looking radiant, a lot of people were thinking the same thing… she kind of looked like Camila Cabello! They both have small, narrow faces, brown eyes and dark brown hair, so we totally get where the comparison is coming from.

Shantel VanSanten

Meghan has put the acting days behind her, but she’s still got a Hollywood doppelganger! Actress Shantel VanSanten looks so much like Meghan it’s almost scary. They have pretty much the exact same face shape, eyes, lips and cheekbones! If Shantel died her hair brown, they could totally pass as sisters.

Lela Loren

Meghan and Lela Loren have a lot in common. They both played badass lawyers on television, and they both look alike!

Both Meghan and Lela’s characters are strong, beautiful, independent women, just like them, and fans love it!

Kaycee Clark

Kaycee Clark has got a lot to smile about. The 30-year-old just won season 20 of Big Brother, which means she’s now $500,000 richer.

During the game, Kaycee was all about that money. She didn’t spend too much time on her appearance, and she always kept her hair up… except for the one time she straightened it and let it all hang down. She looked gorg, but fans were freaking out because of how much she looked like Meghan! After watching that clip, we agree.

Olivia Olson

A lot of people seemed to be convinced that Joanna from Love Actually was played by a young Meghan. But it turns out that it was actually Olivia Olson who got the role! They do look similar, so we can see how people thought that. And even better, Sam (played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster) sort of resembles a young Prince Harry!

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